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Blake’s interest in the famous US stock market was initially inspired from movies like “The Wolf of Wall Street”, “The Big Short” and “Margin Call”. He began to dabble at first with no financial education or experience and did not fare so well in the beginning. He kept at it, meeting regularly with friends who also liked to trade, and eventually started to notice patterns in the market. That led him to begin creating basic strategies off those patterns and his skill with trading and investing improved significantly.

During Blake’s freshman year at college he joined Investing and Finance clubs, learning how to trade options contracts and how the inner workings of a hedge fund operated. He pivoted to a financial career path and was introduced to Forex, aka The Foreign Exchange Market. Blake became obsessed with Forex. He loved how the market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week and that he no longer had to deal with PDT (Pattern Day Trading rule) like in the stock market. He was also drawn to the unfathomable size of the Foreign Exchange Market and learned everything he could in as much detail and as quickly as possible, including enrolling in trading education courses like this one.

Eventually, Blake became a trading educator (for a different trading education platform) but found their content poorly produced, covering only the basics without including extremely important details like how to use the proper leverage or explaining the entire trading process. This is when Blake knew he had to make the best trading course the world has ever seen; a course that takes the student from “what is a pip” to learning everything there is to know about “Elliott Wave Theory”. Blake’s training goal is to help the student become a master, giving him/her the ability to teach others and eventually start their own hedge fund. After many long nights, VVS Academy was born.

Frequently Asked Questions
FTMO and 1 On 1s

We have many members that passed FTMO and other prop firms.

We provide you with all you need to be profitable, from a complete course to a personalized guidance on our 1 on 1s.

The 1 on 1s, are direct calls with each member. Our focus is to help you solving any doubt you might have, and identifying what you’re doing wrong to quickly correct it to help you achieving profitability

There is no limit on how many 1 on 1s you can have, however it depends on the availability of any particular week. Most students only require between 1 to 3 1 on 1s to finish solving their doubts or fixing their mistakes.

The live sessions are the heart of our Mentorship, in them you will be able to watch in real time how we apply and blend all what you learnt in the course, in live market conditions. We try to look for good trading opportunity and most of them are recorded and posted as soon as possible, in case you miss any.

We usually do between 3 to 5 live sessions a week, usually in the London and NY session.

General Course Information

This is completely dependent on each individual, their experience, how much effort they put in, and how well they are able to execute their chosen strategy. Most dedicated individuals that takes advantage of our full course and all of the resources that we have to offer should be able to perfect their strategy enough to pass a trading challenge within a 2-12 month time period if they are dedicated and consistent.

We teach a Elliot Wave Theory, Smart Money Concepts, and Wyckoff.

We have built a few EAs that we offer to all students. A few of them assist traders with their manual trades as well as one that is fully automated.

Don’t Think Trading is Right for You? THINK AGAIN!
People often come up with reasons why trading isn’t right for them, we’ll show you that anyone can profit with our system!

Our system is designed to take you from a complete beginner to a profitable trader with a proven path to success..
This course includes 65 ultra HD videos.


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  • hi solved

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