Tayo Aina – The Youtube Creator Academy Download

Tayo Aina – The Youtube Creator Academy Download

In 2019 I had Zero to no following on any social media platforms. Fast-forward to 2021 and I have been able to go from having ZERO social media presence, ZERO prior video, editing, or YouTube experience…to now having over 304,000+ YouTube Subscribers, 28,000,000+ views, 46,000+ Instagram followers, 23,000+ Twitter followers, 40,000+ Tik Tok followers, and 23,000+ Facebook followers completely organically, starting from scratch. Most of this growth happened in the past 24 months and these are the exact strategies and SEO growth hacks that got me here.
With these strategies, I was able to grow my entire YouTube audience and online career PART-TIME, while still working a full-time job as an Uber driver during the day. I’ve learned through YEARS of trial and error, continuously failing, figuring out what actually works, and watching tons of YouTube videos every day to pick them apart and learn some of the secrets of viral growth.
 I’ve been able to narrow down and pinpoint specific techniques that lead to ORGANIC growth on YouTube, and several super-easy “hacks” to double your youtube ad revenue within weeks and none of this requires any ad spend.
This program took me 6 months to put together and it hasover 3 hours of content for you to watch and learn. I made it as comprehensive as possible and made sure it covers EVERYTHING. This is the type, of course, I wish someone made for me when I started out.
With this course, you’ll be able to take an inside look into my entire blueprint of making YouTube videos and turning it into a highly profitable business. If you have never made a YouTube video before or you currently have one and you are struggling to make it profitable then this course is for you. Sometimes it’s the smallest, simplest tweaks that make the biggest difference…all of that is right in here!


Hi, my name is Tayo Aina
I’m a photographer, filmmaker, YouTuber, and creator. Over the last three years, I’ve built an online empire on social media, in a large part due to knowing how to tell stories with videos.
Learning the art of telling stories in this way has led to some pretty incredible things some of which include a life of travel, working for global brands like Apple, DW and Google, a self-sustaining online business that provides endless freedom, as well as a consistently growing and engaged community on social media that I am thankful for every day.
And all this came because I learned how to tell stories in a visually stunning way, with absolutely little to no outside help. I created the Youtube creator Academy so I could teach people like you how to build a life they love with the freedom that comes from having a successful YouTube channel. By the time you’ve completed the course, you’ll know the precise steps I took to build my YouTube business, and better yet, you’ll be able to do the same.

What You Get:

  • 12 Modules and 53 Comprehensive Lectures Revealing the Secrets to Mastering the Art of Youtube
  • Learn how to turn YouTube into an income-generating online business.
  • Learn how to rank on the first page of search results.
  • Learn how to create viral thumbnails.
  • Learn how to produce viral content.
  • 2 Hours of Recorded Group Zoom calls with Tayo Aina and the creator community

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