Nexlev – Youtube Automation

Nexlev – Youtube Automation

Module 1: Introduction to Youtube Automation

1.1 Course Overview

1.2 What to Expect from Youtube Automation

1.3 How Much to Invest

Module 2: Discovering Profitable Niches

2.1 Supply and Demand on Youtube

2.2 How to Judge If You Found a Good Nice

2.3 Mindset When Searching For Niches

2.4 How to Find Niches with Youtube Incognito

2.5 How to Find Niches with Keyword Scanning

2.6 How to Find Niches thru Social Media

2.7 How to Create Niches thru The Transfer Method

2.8 How to Find Niches thru High Paying Markets

2.9 Find Niches thru ChatGPT + Google Trends

Module 3: Evaluating and Starting Niches

3.1 How to Know If a Niche is Monetizable

3.2 When Do You Start a Niche

Module 4: Testing Channels and Niches

4.1 A/B Testing with Pre-monetized Channels

Module 5: Leveraging Content Formats in Niches

5.1 Why Formats Matter

5.2 Compilations Do’s and Dont’s

5.3 Documentary’s Do’s and Dont’s

5.4 Animation Do’s and Dont’s

5.5 Explainer’s Do’s and Dont’s

Module 6: Goal Setting and Research for Success

6.1 Set Goals

6.2 Why and How

6.3 Research

Module 7: Setting Up Your Youtube Channel

7.1 Basic Youtube Channel Setup

Module 8: Building and Managing Your Team

8.1 Outsource or Do It Yourself?

8.2 Where to Hire What?

8.3 Hiring a Good Script Writer

8.4 Hiring a Good Voice Actor

8.5 Hiring a Good Video Editor

8.6 Hiring a Thumbnail Designer

8.7 Hiring a Team Manager

8.8 Hiring a Good 2D Animator

8.9 Hiring a Good Scheduler

8.10 Should You Hire a Complete Team

Module 9: Team Automation and Communication

9.1 How to Automate Your Team

9.2 How to Properly Communicate With Your Team

9.3 How to Give Script Instructions

9.4 How to Give Voice-Over Instructions

9.5 How to Give Video Editing Instructions

9.6 How to Train Your Team?

Module 10: Mastering Topic Selection

10.1 What Makes The Perfect Topic?

10.2 Supply and Demand in Topics

10.3 Re-using Older Topics

10.4 Topic Transfer Method

10.5 Autofill Topics Method

10.6 How to Use AI For Topic Generation

10.7 Audience Tab Topic Method

10.8 Finding Topics thru Answers The Public

10.9 Finding Topics thru Twitter

Module 11: Crafting Effective Scripts

11.1 Script Structures

11.2 Hooking Viewers with Scripts

11.3 Rehooking Viewers in a Script

11.4 Clip Intergration In Your Scripts

Module 12: Perfecting Voice Overs

12.1 How to Get a Good Voice Over

Module 13: Mastering Video Editing

13.1 Rules For a Good Edit

13.2 How to Source Footage and Assets

13.3 How to Give Feedback on an Edit

Module 14: The Art of Storytelling

14.1 Why Do Stories Matter?

14.2 What Makes a Good Story?

14.3 Story Telling Sctructures

14.4 How to Create Good Characters?

Module 15: Designing Eye-Catching Thumbnails

15.1 What Do Good Thumbnails Look Like?

15.2 The Elements of a Great Thumbnail

15.3 Thumbnail Research

15.4 Optimizing Youtube Thumbnails

Module 16: Crafting Compelling Titles

16.1 How to Create Good Titles

Module 17: Optimizing and Testing Videos

17.1 Optimizing and Publishing Videos

17.2 A/B Thumbnail Testing

Module 18: Understanding the Youtube Algorithm

18.1 How the Youtube Algorithm Works?

18.2 How to Analyze and Improve Click-through Rate

18.3 How to Analyze and Improve Video Retention

18.4 How to Analyze and Improve Engagement

18.5 The 80/20 Rule

Module 19: Utilizing Youtube Shorts and Community Posts

19.1 Should You Do Youtube Shorts?

19.2 Should I Promote My Channel With Shorts or Community Post?

Module 20: Managing Finances and Administration

20.1 How to Pay Team Members?

20.2 How to Manager Your Administration

Module 21: Navigating Youtube’s Copyright System

20.1 How to Pay Team Members?

20.2 How to Manager Your Administration

Module 22: Embracing Self-Learning

22.1 What is Teach Yourself?

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