Youtube Passive Income Course Download

What’s Inside The Course?
Recommended Tools
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Module I: Overview
Why Youtube?

Module II: Channel Setup Focus On ONE Niche
Channel Logo & Art Creation
Basic Settings & Advanced Settings
Sneaky Way To Get To 1,000 Subscribers FAST

Module III: Keyword Research
ABC Method
High & Low Competition Keywords
Short Tail vs Long Tail Keywords
Buyer Keywords

Module IV: Content Creation
Piggyback Method To Go VIRAL *GOLD*
3 Ways To Create Youtube Videos
Ninja Way To Find Viral Videos To Recreate
My 3 Favorite Types Of Videos To Create
How To Create High Quality Videos WITHOUT Showing Your Face
How To Edit Videos Using Wevideo
The “Dirty 30” Strategy

Module V: Video Optimization
Do This BEFORE You Upload Your Video
DO This AFTER You Upload Your Video
How To Write The Perfect Title
How To Write Your Description
How To Pick The Best Tags For Your Video
How To Create High CTR Thumbnails In Minutes

Module VI: How To Boost Your Videos To Go Viral!
You WON’T Go Viral Unless You Master These 2 Things!
How To Boost Your Videos With Facebook Ads
High Retention Views Service
Easy Way To Boost Engagement On Your Video To Go Viral

Module VII: Monetization
3 Ways To Monetize Your Channel
Finding Profitable Affiliate Offers

Watch Me Upload A Video From Start To Finish
How To 3X Your Adsense Revenue With This One Trick

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