Wysetrade Trading Masterclass XVII Download

Catalogue of Premium Trading Videos

This catalogue of premium trading videos helps accelerate your trading learning and ability through advanced highly engaging videos.

Trading Foundation

We cover all the basics of trading, meaning everything you need to know from beginning to end so that you can easily apply the strategies we show in this program. If you know nothing about trading, this covers all the basics and foundations to get you up to speed.

Advanced Price Action

This covers all the advanced price action techniques & concepts that take your trading to the next level. These techniques took 10+ years to refine & are all laid out here for you to quickly learn and apply them FAST!

Swing Trading Strategy

These advanced swing trading strategies are focused on medium term trading meaning they are meant for traders who like a more passive style of trading. We show you exactly how to enter, exit & manage these trade with extreme advanced accuracy.

Day Trading Strategies

These advanced day trading strategies are focused on fast & short term trades meant for traders who like a more active style of trading, getting in & out quickly. We show you exactly how to enter, exit & manage these trade with extreme advanced accuracy.


(This gives you a ridiculously unfair advantage)
***This is a bonus item we are ONLY including as part of this bundle and once this promo ends, you will never be able to find or access it again*** 
This is a secret tool / plugin we use on our charts for precision intraday entries.
This tool gives you a ridiculously unfair advantage over other traders.
This is the same tool all of our members use for killer accurate trade entries.
Now, this tool does not cost anything extra for you to use, it is completely free for you to use once we show you how to apply it to your charts


This is a massive over 100 page patterns trading master guide, that gives you EVERY possible pattern combination and variation, and shows you exactly how to enter, exit and stop loss placement.
No need to memorize the over 100 pattern combinations & variations. Just open up the doc, find the pattern and it’ll tell you exactly what to do next.
For a limited time this patterns trading master guide will be included for free as part of this bundle. Once this promo ends, we’re going to list it for sale on our site for $197 on its own


Next we are including an official Wysetrade certificate which is a certification we issue to you for completing the official Wysetrade program.
To get this, once you complete the program, submit a request to our team, and once approved we’ll put your name on the certificate and issue it to you, signed by our headmasters.


One time payment and you have unlimited access for life, period. We are always adding, updating & changing content. So once you have an account through our site, and we add new lessons, new content & new videos, they are automatically added to your account, forever.


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