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Wall Street Market Makers

hedge fund trader teaches you how to generate options risk profiles, outline risk & reward and lock in profits
What you’ll learn
  • establishing vertical spreads with 200% per trade (1:2 Risk to Reward)
  • establishing a Butterfly Spread with potential 1,000% per trade (1:10 Risk to Reward)
  • Using Basic Elliot Wave Analysis (The Dow Theory) to decipher the mass psychology in the markets
  • Identifying the Right ‘Timing’ to establish a Vertical Spread
  • How to use consolidation pattern to “Float’ a Butterfly Spread
  • the outright ‘Put’ option called the Big Short…
  • You must know basic investing concepts like Long, Short, Stop Losses, etc.
  • Must know some Options basics

100% Exclusive. Terrence Hooi breaks down his step-by-step process for trading Options training you to look for asymmetric risk and reward from your first option trade. Professional Trader Terrence traded stock & options (American-type) for 10 years before he switched gears and started sharing all his trading lessons learned throughout his trading career. Whether you are a beginner or an options pro, you’ll mean new ways to conquer the trader’s fear, develop a robust trading plan, and build a sustainable income generating portfolio using Options.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner stock, forex or option traders willing to take trading to the next level using American Options
  • This course is not for investors starting from zero
  • Existing option traders looking to put the odds in their favor without suffering from ‘Time Decay’
  • Stock investors looking to ‘Rent’ or Sell Options with existing stocks for a rental income

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