VantaFX EA Download

VantaFX EA Download

VantaFX EA is an Expert Advisor for MT4/5 that is built to stay within restrictive prop firm rules, to generate profits with a near 100% win rate without the use of martingale, grid trading.


This EA is meticulously designed to identify pro trend trades, boasting a flawless 100% win rate across various pairs over the last 18 months. With enabled backtesting, it empowers users to effortlessly craft unique trading strategies, ensuring you don’t mimic others. It steers clear of martingale, grid strategies, and multiple simultaneous orders, maintaining a fixed risk percentage of the account for safe trading. Customize your trading experience by adjusting inputs like time, specific trading days, and trade-seeking parameters. This EA is indispensable for prop firm traders aiming to generate passive income, offering a tailored approach to maximizing profits while ensuring compliance and risk management.


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