Up Down v.6 MT4 Indicator

Up Down v.6 MT4 Indicator

up-down indicator is no repaint and works all pairs and lower than weekly time frames charts.

it is suitable also 1 m charts for all pairs.

and hold long way to signal.

dont gives too many signals.

when red histogram cross trigger line that is up signal.and price probably will down

when blue histogram cross trigger line that is down signal.and price probably will go up.

when the signals not seen press + button on terminal .

too see weekly chart because of low data on chart ,it needs to lower processing value from 1000 to min 500

i have ad the c value.default is 2.7

also you can set the signals with the c value increasing or decreasing however you want acordig to the chart

thise value need to change acording to pair you use.

set the value in daily periot or h4 periot to up and down places has seen.

after that ,use same c value for that pair

you will see sometimes h4 signal sometimes 15 m.different periots.

when the signal has been seen any periot chart act acording to it.

thise system is a mathematic kind of aproach to prices to find up, down points.

do not guarantie the win..

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