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Since you’re serious about Quantitative Trading, you may feel that you want to get results even faster…
That’s why I created this short video for you. Take a few minutes now and watch till the end.
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Here’s why…
Did you know Goldman Sachs quietly replaced 99% of their human traders with computer engineers? They had 600 traders in the year 2000. Now only TWO remain.
What does that tell you?
Spoiler alert: Mindless machines generate higher returns than elite professional traders who make 500k a year on top of lavish bonuses!
According to Goldman’s CFO, Marty Chavez, automated trading programs have almost completely taken over.
Are you starting to wonder if human traders could soon be obsolete?
Too late.
That train left the station more than 38 years ago… From 1980 to 2016 Sunrise Capital Partners automated systems achieved an astonishing cumulative return of 65,290.14%.
With annualized returns of 19.83%, their ‘machines’ beat the S&P 500 average gains by more than three to 1…

That should terrify professional money managers…
How much longer can they justify getting paid like Wall Street rock stars when it’s reported over 92.4% of fund managers can’t beat an index fund?
How you could hope to compete with these computer algorithms when highly trained pros can’t?

Don’t worry…
As you’ll see, YOU don’t have to be a highly trained pro to make consistent profits.
You’re wise to learn the truth about this now because this automated trading trend is unstoppable.
In fact, according to Forbes, billionaire James Simmons’ firm, Renaissance Technologies, boasts the best risk-reward ratio on Wall Street (for many years in a row).
And Ken Griffin is now the richest man in Illinois. And he makes over $1 billion per year! How? The same way…
Griffin started his Citadel hedge fund in his Harvard dorm room and has grown it into one of the pre-eminent funds in the world.
Now get this…
The market-making firm Virtu only lost money on ONE day in the past 7 years! Ironically, that one losing day was due to human error NOT their computer models.
Who says you can’t make money every day in the markets? Well, most people can’t. But it looks like at least one machine can!
Now, it’s probably not a surprise billion-dollar hedge funds have a massive advantage over human traders.
A.I. and robots are fast replacing people in many industries. Trading is no different.
This evolution is unstoppable because of the 90-90-90 rule…
It’s said that 90 percent of traders lose 90 percent of their capital in about 90 days.
I think you’ll agree the odds are stacked against the average trader.
The question is…
How can you be one of the 10 percent who ARE consistently profitable?
Stop trying to beat automated trading algorithms… and JOIN them.
What if you could enjoy ‘hands free’ gains like this – even if you’ve never made consistent profits before?
This “algo” generated 6 figures in a 3-year period without ANY human intervention.
* See our Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions. This is a hypothetical perfromace based on one contract
If that sparks your imagination, keep watching…
Because here’s results from another account…
* See our Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions. This is a hypothetical perfromace
You may decide it’s time to set bigger financial goals. When you have a systematic way to exploit the full profit potential of the markets, your circumstances can change in a hurry .
You may discover what it’s like to leave financial worries behind and have banks and brokers practically begging for your business.
More about what this breakthrough might mean for you in a minute…
If you want lasting financial freedom – If you want the kind of wealth that lets you choose how to spend every day for the rest of your life – pay close attention.
But to unlock that potential, you’ve got to have a proven edge on every trade.
And thanks to automated trading with Quantitative Analysis – or Quant Trading – it doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the markets or if you’ve got years of experience under your belt.
You’re about to see how it’s possible to trade profitably even if you’re a complete rookie.
Let’s put it this way…
If you’re struggling right now, it’s not because of your mindset. In fact, it’s not personal at all.
It’s not your fault, really.
You just don’t have an edge. It’s that simple.
All the courses and books and indicators and systems that you may have tried – they all have the same fatal flaw: They don’t have an edge.
That’s why Quant Trading with algos can work even if you’ve never been profitable before.
When you have a validated edge, you can finally trade with total confidence…

​You don’t have to outsmart Wall Street to win
It doesn’t even matter if you’ve traded before
You don’t have to read charts or interpret indicators
You don’t have to watch the market all day
And no matter what, your system won’t trade based on fear or greed

You can just keep exploiting the edge in the market for as long as it’s profitable. This is what makes me unique in comparison to any other retail educator out there
At 15 I got interested in trading during a school project. I liked Apple products, so he bet his entire $1 million fantasy portfolio on AAPL. By the end of the year, his simulated account doubled into a cool $2 million.
I will admit it was total luck. But I was hooked on the idea of making money in the markets. And I spent the next 13 years tirelessly working to crack the code.
What I discovered is successful trading isn’t exciting. It isn’t an adrenaline rush. It’s not about making big predictions…
It’s just… math. Probabilities, to be more specific.
The world’s most successful Quant traders test their systems until they prove profitable in the real world – without human intervention.
No wishful thinking. No subjectivity. No excuses.
You don’t need to win 100 percent of the time. But you do need to be able to exploit some kind of inefficiency in the market.
It took me 13 years to come up with an effective way of building robust Quantative Stratgies.
In fact, I successfully taught these methods to a few other traders. What’s funny is they had to chase me. If I didn’t feel they were a good fit, I wouldn’t let them pay my $3,000 plus fee.
I do a lot of group mentoring and have many successful students like Dan R, aka Mindful Trades…
And his success stood out because he used what he learned from me to make an astonishing $123K in just 90 days – Dan says he struggled for years before he met me. And that this windfall was the most profit he’d ever made.
You don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s his results…
* See our Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions. This is a hypothetical perfromace
Another Student of mine named Darnel made about 30k in just one month following my logic and methods. Here is a small impromptu interview we did at one of my watch list meetings. He also sent me his account statements which you can view on my Instagram (Must have an instagram account on your phone to see.)
Notice how that equity curve looks a lot like the earlier charts I showed you?
That’s because when you’re a Quant Trader with a profitable edge, the profits can pile up consistently.
And the best part is YOU don’t have to be the world’s greatest trader.
To target the EXACT same results as the system, just follow the same entry, exit and stop.
That lets you avoid emotional trading decisions as much as humanly possible.
Of course, not every trade is a winner…
But his system is rigorously back tested.
And as you saw on those Profitly accounts a few minutes ago, My one algo has generated over 6 figures combined over their three-year history.
What about when a trade doesn’t win? I don’t take it personally.
Normal losses are just a part of doing business.
You don’t freak out when you pay your utilities, right?
Or your mortgage…
Same thing with Quant Trading…
Taking the emotion out of trading is such a relief…
It’s like that famous Dunkin Donuts commercial.
But instead of getting up at the crack of dawn to make the donuts…
You place orders for the next day…
“Time to make the dollars”
Okay, it’s not quite that boring.
But once you get in a routine, you can see how exploiting a proven mathematical edge
…leaves you with just ONE job…
Execute the orders. That’s it.
Of course, when you achieve an extraordinary milestone, you might want to celebrate…
Like Dan R. did when he made 123k in 90 days…
Take a moment to imagine…
What would you do with your winnings?
Would you buy a red-hot Lambo and date Instagram models?
Or would you prefer to be more low-key like Me?
Would you build a magnificent mansion and park a sleek Maybach out front?
Or would you go minimalist and travel the world with nothing but a backpack and a laptop?
Once you have the material things you’ve always wanted…
What would you do with massive wealth?
Maybe you’d donate to charities that truly makes a difference…
Maybe you’d help someone you care about…That is what I did for one of my students who is fighting cancer. His name is Matt and I donated 10k to his cause.

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