TradingSpell – Master Technical Analysis Program (MTAP) – Nitin Download



“Trading is not about being right, It is about finding steps that offer you a good risk/reward and pulling the trigger.”

In this course, you will learn…

  • Candlestick Basics
  • Basics of Price Action
  • Expectancy Rate (Building an Edge over Market)
  • Market Cycle
  • Trending Market & Law of Trend
  • Price Action Tutorial
  • Candlestick Patterns & Entry/Exits
  • Gap Filling Strategy
  • Breakout Strategy & Chart Patterns
  • Bounce Trading Strategy
  • Volume Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Indicators
  • Stock Selection for Intraday, Swing & Long Term
  • Trade Management
  • Long Term Trading + Earning Analysis
  • Trading Psychology & Mindset
  • How to Build Trading System
  • Advanced Technical Analysis
  • Trading Screeners

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