Trading Harmonic Elliott Waves like a PRO Course Download

This Course builds upon a solid foundation laid down by my first video course: “Predict the Market with Harmonic Elliott Wave Analysis: How to Nail Tops and Bottoms in Any Market”.

In the first Introductory Video Course “Predict The Market with the Harmonic Elliott Wave analysis” I teach all the basics of the Harmonic Elliott Wave theory from scratch. You do not need to know anything about the Wave Principle to start that course.

You will learn about most common repeating price fractals and how to find them in the market. You will learn rules that would let you quickly check if you correctly identified a pattern in the actual price chart.

This second video course “How to Trade Like a Pro“  is continuation of the first introductory course. It goes deeper into the same subjects. This is where I teach what I personally found by applying the Harmonic Elliott wave theory in trading and you will not find many rules or guidance explained in this course anywhere else.

Moreover, in the “How to Trade Like a Pro” course I focus more on how to use the Harmonic Elliott Wave theory in trading. I show my favorite and most reliable trading setups. I explain how to set targets and protective stops.

This Course explains how to use Wave Analysis to find high probability short-term and long-term trading setups.

  • The Best Micro Setups: How to Safely Buy Bullish Reversals;
  • The Most Reliable Macro Setups: How to Buy Pullbacks and Benefit from Power of Bigger Trending Moves;
  • Very Detailed Trading Rules: When open a trade, how set a protective stop and multiple exit targets;
  • Extensions that keep stopping pullbacks and rallies;
  • Comparison of Real Life Structures to Textbook Patterns;
  • Comprehensive Guide on Micro Structure of the Strongest Part of the Rally, Wave 3 up;
  • Exclusive Signs of a bottom of corrective wave 4;
  • The final A-B-C push in wave 5 – a reliable repeating pattern the classic EWT is not aware of;

Who this course is for:

  • Stock, Options and Futures Traders who want to start “reading the tape” without any indicators. You will start to understand what the market will do next
  • Portfolio Managers who would like to know when is the right time to add exposure to the overall market, specific sectors or stocks
  • Technical Analysts who lost faith in the classic Elliott Wave theory. This modified version of the Wave Principle will pleasantly surprise you
  • Individual Investors who try to improve their trading results and become more confident in making investment decisions

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