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A Full Immersion Trading Experience

It’s difficult to navigate the markets on your own, but your journey as a trader is about to get a whole lot easier! At TierOneTrading we’ve developed a brand new, state-of-the-art content delivery platform combining the absolute best in trading education, expert analysis, proprietary trading tools, and professional networking.

Sign up for a TierOne Membership today and you’ll have access to it all!!

Education & Training

Gone are the days of having to purchase multiple training course to make sure you have access to all the information you need. With your TierONE membership you’ll have unfiltered access to every course we deliver through our platform.

To date we’ve developed 5 separate training courses so you can start with the absolute basics and then gradually work your way up to more advanced concepts like Fibonacci ratio analysis, trading psychology, money management, and more. Each course has been broken up into modules that contain topic specific lessons, making it easy for you to work at your own pace, track your progress, and focus on the information that is important to you.

And if that weren’t enough…our goal is to make sure you’re always equipped with the latest information, therefore, your TierONE membership will also include any and all new content added to the platform. We already have new courses and content in development and these will all be made available to you at no additional cost!

Expert Analysis & Coaching

With a TierONE membership you’ll enjoy an incredible new level of confidence because you’ll know that you have a team of experienced professionals at your disposal. With unlimited access to multiple live trading rooms, weekly live training sessions and recorded video archives, real-time updates, and expert analysis, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with, and learn from, professional traders on a daily basis.

Proprietary Trading Tools

 At TierOneTrading we’ve set out to develop some of the most advanced software and indicators available to traders today. We started that process by building our Enigma pattern recognition software and we will soon be releasing our Visual Structure indicator known as VS-ONE.

These tools are designed to help you achieve with a greater level of confidence and consistency in your trading. But we also wanted to eliminate that common problem known as “the shiny object syndrome.” This is what happens when traders waste thousands of dollars buying one indicator after another to ensure they always have the latest and greatest tools.

So, just like we’ve done with our courses, you can rest assured knowing you’ll always have the latest technology because not only does your TierONE membership include the software we have available today, it also includes any and all software that we develop in the future. We already have some incredible tools being developed and you’re going to love what’s coming next!

Everything You Need

From the very beginning, the team at TierOneTrading set out to radically change the way we interact with traders. We wanted to make sure that each and everyone of our clients receives the absolute best we have to offer.

There are many pieces to the trading puzzle, and for the first time ever, we’re able to deliver everything you need through one incredible platform.

  • The Cornerstone Course

  • The Foundation Course

  • The Mastery Course

  • The Mindset Course

  • The Blueprint Course

  • Supporting Documents

  • Infographics Collection

  • Course Progress Tracking

  • Custom Backtesting Spreadsheet

  • London Session Live Trading Room

  • New York Session Live Trading Room

  • Professional Coaching

  • Real-Time Pro Trade Log

  • Video Insights & Analysis

  • Live Q&A Sessions

  • Archive of Recordings

  • Live Notifications

  • Weekly Live Training

  • Enigma Software (MT4,NT7,NT8)

  • Instant Messaging

  • Add/Follow Friends

  • Join Trading Groups

  • Site-wide Activity Stream

  • Personal Activity Stream

  • Upload Images & Trade Ideas

  • Custom Profiles

  • VS-ONE Structure Software

  • Trading Community

  • Wigetized Client Dashboard

  • Economic News Calendar

  • Web-based Charting

  • Future Courses Included

  • Future Software Included

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