TradeSmart University : Conditioning Sessions Download

The statistics are out there: 90% of traders lose money trading. The 10% who do make money, back trade.

This class is for you if:
You’ve lost your trading confidence
You’ve lost money and aren’t sure how to successfully get it back through trading
Need a controlled, disciplined, consistent plan to regain confidence and cash through trading.

In this class you will learn:
Where to enter a trade
Where to place stops
How long to stay in a trade
What time of day is best to enter a trade
What real confirmation looks like
Back trading is to stocks as going to the gym is to your muscles and body. If you want results, if you want growth, if you want improvement, you have to do the work.
If you want your bank account to grow, put more money in it.
How can you put more money in it?
Withdraw it from your trading account.
How do you increase your trading account? Take this class and learn how to practice and condition your trading and trade smart.

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