Top Dog Trading System – Momentum As a Leading Indicator Download

This Course on Momentum as a Leading Indicator Teaches You How to Get Into Trades Early, Before the Amateurs!

Our first trading course focused on trend trading, but markets trend less than 20% of the time.
“The trend is your friend until the end” is a well-known phrase among traders. But what kind of friend is only faithful 20% of the time?
Momentum is a commonly accepted potential “LEADING INDICATOR” that can help you find a change in energy before it shows up in price action. Though this is commonly known and widely accepted, most people use momentum indicators incorrectly.

By learning to read momentum reliably, you can begin trading 2 new types of markets:

  • Contracting Markets (getting in before huge breakouts).
  • Trend Reversals (getting in before the new trend is obvious to amateurs).

In this course we add to the “energies” you learned about in Course 1 for more confirmation and more opportunities:

  • Trend
  • Cycles
  • Momentum
  • Support/Resistance
  • Fractals

This approach uses extremely tight stops (only 1-2 bars) and looks to lock in small profits fast, and then let the rest of your position ride for profits. It can be used for Day Trading, Swing Trading or Investing.

6 Additional Trading Setups:

When you order Foundations Course #2, you will receive this extra manual and 2 extra videos that teach you 6 additional powerful trading patterns that Dr. Burns calls his “Freedom Trades.”
These trade setups are specifically designed to produce a potentially excellent reward/risk ratio:
Trend reversals.

  • Simple trend retraces.
  • Complex trend retraces.
  • Mega-Trends that go on forever.
  • Reliable channel trading.
  • Ex-Con Trade (see below).

Understanding these variations of the basic trend pattern taught in Course 1 will give you more flexibility in your trading and help you find more trading opportunities.
Most importantly, you’ll receive the complete setup, rules and filters for Dr. Burns’ …

“Ex-Con Trade”

This trade setup has vastly superior risk/reward parameters over trend trades. The risk is exactly the same as trend trades, but the rewards can be much, much greater.
Risk/reward targets for successful Ex-Con Trades can be 1:5, 1:10, and even greater! If you’re looking for trades that a potentially great reward/risk ratio, then you just found it!
This technique can be used by day traders to find days where you can buy at the open, hold all day, and sell at the close.

2 More Special Additions:
Live Trading!
These 2 videos are now added to this trading course at no extra cost and specifically focus on the trades taught in Course 2.
Watch Dr. Barry Burns trade “live on tape.”

Live trading allows you to see things that can’t be seen with static, printed charts. Watch how things evolve as the market moves:

  • How to trade reversals.
  • Getting in on a new trend before the trend begins, so you can “let your winners run.”
  • Trading inside of consolidation.
  • Exactly how to enter the market with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Where to place your initial stop (never more than 2 bars from your entry).
  • Exactly how to use a trailing stop … accurate to the tick.
  • Many extra lessons not contained in the videos or manual of Course #2.

These special videos will demonstrate in real-time how to apply the trading method to a market as it evolves bar-by-bar.
Although these live-on-tape videos demonstrate day trading, they are excellent for swing traders as well since the exact same trading rules apply to swing trading. By watching the day trading videos you more examples of trades in a shorter-period of time.
There is a lot of true extra information in these videos that is not covered in the course as Dr. Burns reveals some more advanced techniques to you during the live trading session.

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