The Market Maker’s Matrix – PDF

The Market Maker’s Matrix – PDF

I know your trendlines, indicators, moving average, support and resistance strategies are failing you. I’m the man behind the charts hunting for your stop losses. I’m the man taking the opposing side of your trades, and I do this everyday. This is one the first trading books that dives deep down the rabbit hole into the world of smart money trading. The lessons taught in this book reveal how the markets can manipulate and seduce you into taking a losing trade. You’ll discover the truth of why it doesn’t matter which side of the market you take, you’ll most likely end up in a loss unless you can interpret the language of the charts.

Even though there are no words displayed on a chart, there are a certain set of characters, and characteristics that can build a storyline revealing it’s ending. This book will teach you how to properly assess a proper trade, to avoid getting stopped out, and achieving unbelievable risk to reward ratios. We’re going to flip your world upside down, and show you how to decode this highly complex investment vehicle.

Here’s a brief bullet list of what this book covers.

  • Understanding the language of the markets
  • Mastering risk management
  • Inducement & Manipulation
  • Market structure codes
  • High probability entry techniques
  • My personal trade plan
  • How to properly understand liquidity
  • When a move is sponsored by smart money
  • Confirming market direction
  • Plus a lot more!

If you’re ready to take the red pill and wake up from the nightmare of constantly losing trades, then this book will show you the techniques used by traders who are in the background waiting for you to make a mistake.

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