The Gold Reaper MT4

The Gold Reaper MT4

uild on the very succesfull Goldtrade Pro, this EA has been designed to run on multiple timeframes at the same time, and has the option to set the trade frequency from very conservative to extreme volatile.

The EA uses multiple confirmation algorithms to find the best entry price and runs multiple strategies internally to spread the risk of the trades.

All trades have a stoploss and takeprofit, but also use a trailing stoploss and trailing takeprofit to minimize the risk, and maximize the potential of each trade.

The system is build on the very popular and proven strategy: trading breakouts of important support and resistance levels.

Gold is very suitable for this strategy, as it is a highly volatile pair.

The system auto adapts the trade frequency and lotsize based on your accountsize and your max allowed drawdown setting!

Backtests show a very stable growth curve, with very controlled drawdowns and fast recoveries.

This EA has been stress tested for the longest available period for Gold, using multiple pricefeeds for various brokers, and nothing seems to be able to make it fail.

No “neural network/machine learning AI/ChatGPT/Quantum computer/perfect straight line backtests” sales-talk, but a real and honest trading system, based on proven methodology for development and live execution.

As a developer, I have +15 years of experience in creating automated trading systems. I know what has the potential to work and what has not. I create honest systems, with the highest probability of trading like the backtests without cheating.

Key Features:

Very easy to use: install on chart, and set your prefered maximum allowed drawdown. The EA will determine trade frequency and lotsize fully automatic
No grid/No Martingale/No risky risk management
good results over the full historical data for XAUUSD
Easy to use for Prop Firms
Minimum account balance: 300$

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