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Technically Sorted

Technically Sorted is a Financial Markets Trading Course provider. We started in 2015 with our flagship course “Technically Sorted”, a one stop shop to learn about Technical Analysis and Trading Psychology. Ever since then, hundreds of students have taken up our lifetime support courses. Founder, Mohak Pachisia has taken over 1000s of learners in classs room and online sessions including a number of free seminars across the cournty. We believe, we are not just an organsiation to provide learning, we are here to instill wisdom, guide action, help create personal transformations and breakthroughs for all who come to us and help people change their destiny with the markets.

Mohak Pachisia

He is a professional trader having expertise in technical analysis, through his career as a technical analyst and trader; he has amassed a following of novice and professional traders who know him for his trading strategies that seem almost disruptive. In the technical trading community, he is a known figure with key expertise in Technical Analysis, Elliot Wave Theory, Options and Trading Psychology. He has trained this art to hundreds of his students. Besides that, more than thousand of market participants and knowledge aspirers who have come to his free sessions

According to him the secret behind the huge acceptance of technical analysis in traders is the scientific character of this study and a prudent method to trade with. As a technical purist, he finds Technical Analysis to be a prudent method of profit maximisation and risk management. After all, Technical Strategies tend to be consistent as mass psychology has patterns that are repetitive. Talking about his formal background, Mohak has cleared all levels of Charted Market Technician programme by MTA, and has also cleared two levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst programme by CFA Institute (USA). He has worked with a firm as a Technical Analyst and also been a part of two proprietary trading firms as a Trader in the past. He has been a faculty for Technical Analysis at St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata for a programme conducted by National Stock Exchange in 2015. He is authoring (work in progress) a book on Trading Psychology at the moment. After scratching most aspects of equity and other financial markets through his glass window of Technical Analysis; Mohak has developed a keen interest in Trading Psychology, he believes that the psychology of traders is one of the most important and overlooked factor in trading and that’s why he authoring a spiritual book on Trading Psychology. As an avid reader, he is well read in this topic and has mentored select individuals personally on the same. A game-changer in his flagship course is his expressions on this wisdom. His latest interest has been to work on algorithmic trading systems, a lot of behind the scenes research is an extension of his passion towards charts.

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