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Who are we and what are we about? Well first of all let’s address what we are not… we are not a ‘Get Rich Quick’ fad, or a dodgy ‘Signal Selling’ service. What we are is an educational platform for those looking to take on the challenge of becoming a successful Foreign Exchange Trader. At the Swing Trader Society we deliver educational material through our membership avenues to teach our students the knowledge and skills required to become successful traders. So, I guess you probably want to know who this education is tailored for…


Are you a complete newbie? An absolute trading amateur with no experience whatsoever and looking for a help hand to get your trading career started? Perfect, you are in the right place!


Perhaps you’ve got a little bit of chart experience, but perhaps still a little bit lost at the start of your journey and looking for some guidance! If so, that’s great, you’re in safe hands!


Are you comfortable with the basics and do you have an understanding of the market, but perhaps struggling with overall consistency? Amazing, we can help!


Have you been trading for some time now, perhaps looking for a refresh or want to learn a different style of trading to what you currently engage in? Well, we sure can deliver you something new!

Now you know that our membership avenues are suitable for all traders of all levels of experience, it’s important for you to also understand the purpose of the membership and indeed the common problems that traders experience that we hope to address and overcome through our membership avenues in order for you to reach success as a trader…

Sapphire Membership

10 Common Problems

Too big lot sizes resulting in blown accounts.

A lack of patience resulting in inconsistencies.

Results do not reflect the work you are putting in.

Difficulty forecasting the market.

Lack of defined strategies.

Awareness of how fundamentals affect the market.

Misconceptions on profit over percentage.

Issues with psychology adversely effecting results.

No defined trading plan.

Overcoming low confidence to execute well.

Swing Trader Society Solutions

Teach you how to calculate lot sizes & manage risk!.

We’ll teach you to wait for the market to come to you!

Gain a full understanding of market structure!

We’ll teach you how to accurately analyse the charts!

Pre-defined strategies with trading rules!

A lesson on economics – it’s important!

The power of compounded growth to drive profit!

Powerful mindset tips and techniques!

A tailored trading plan for you to build out!

Techniques to give you confidence in yourself!

Do any of the above common problems ring any bells? Any of them sound familiar? If they do then fantastic, because it means you’re in the right place for us to be able to help you and provide tailored mentorship to help you overcome the specific challenges that you face as a trader. Whilst joining us as a sapphire member will teach you all you need to know, sometimes it’s important to get that tailored mentorship. Someone to reach out to in order to speak through any problems that you are facing. Trading can sometimes be a lonely journey, which is why you’ll gain the full benefit of entering the Swing Trader Society…

Tailored guidance and mentorship to help you along your journey. If you need added confirmation after you’ve taken the course, you can still reach out at any time for complete and full support! You will not be left in the dark and you will be provided all the aftercare you need in order to ensure you succeed on your journey. Our success is based off our ability to ensure you are successful – it’s important for us to ensure you achieve your goals! 

Trading can be a lonely journey at times, thats why we created the Society, full of like-minded traders all on the same journey to reach success in the financial markets. Not only will you receive full support and aftercare, but you’ll also be connected with a community of traders from all over the world in order to help you along the way. The people you surround yourself will have a huge impact on your success, so why not connect with the people who want it the most?

Now you’ve seen a little bit about the solutions we offer and the positive impact of being in the Society, take a look at our what our 10 lessons entail. After which you will have gained a wealth of knowledge on the Foreign Exchange Market and how to trade it, not only this but we’ll equip you with all the tools necessary to guide you to achieve your goals.

But… that’s not all, ontop of the 10 lessons you will also receive 5 bonuses! The first bonus being the Season 1 STS Weekly Webinars, this is over 15+ hours of recorded market commentary, full of analysis, trade setups and forecasting. The second bonus is our Mini-Market Breakdown Video Series, this covers a broad range of trading topics and content, from live trades i’ve taken using the strategies taught in the course, right the way through to specific trading topics my members have requested. The third bonus is our internally designed three year trading journal, you’ll be set up for success before you start with tools like these! The fourth bonus is our Currency Strength Programme, this is a tool has been designed to help aid with your weekly watchlist preparation and to help you combine currency pairs for high probability setups. The fifth and final bonus, is your own goal setting journal to track, record and prove to yourself that you can achieve whatever you truly put your mind.



















At the Swing Trader Society, we pride ourselves on the success of our members and the feedback we receive from our membership options, so before you join the Society, please take a moment to read some of the amazing reviews we’ve received from our members to see what you are truly in for…

Ibrahim Malik, United Kingdom

“Mitch, when i took your course I wasn’t ready for what i’ve received, it’s very detailed and I knew just from experience that this was what I was looking for to trade the lower time frames like the 4 and 1hr charts. So with that being said this course is worth more than a person could ever know if they have been trading for some time now. Not to mention the journal and tracking your trades have helped in such a way it’s ridiculous. Not to mention i’ve doubled my account! Thank you for sharing this knowledge.”

Josh Galvin, United Kingdom

“I’d like to thank you for everything you do. It’s hard to find a genuine mentor in the forex game! I’ve just finished your course and everything is so clear and well laid out”

Rob Ornelas, United States

“Swing Trader Society is definitely something worthwhile. The course alone has taught me a lot in regards to trading techniques and forex in general. I believe his trading styles are great and can be applied easily. A lot can be taken away from the course and is worth the money for the value received”

Chetan Shukla, United Kingdom

“I always thought forex was complicated and would take me years to get a hang of it. The analysis is superb and the way he explains everything has helped me become more confident as a trader. The best thing about Mitch is that he always makes time to respond to my questions and gives great advice. I am now one month away from becoming a full time trader”

Tarj Jones, United Kingdom

In reference to the course content: “Bravo, the content is simple and effective! It has put me on the right path again, i’m looking forward to studying in depth. Brilliant value for money, I will be recommending it. I’ve always had a sound understanding of forex, but no real rules and strategies. The ones provided give me an opportunity to implement trading rules.. in fact i’m +6% today so far!”

Vincent Nguyen, United States

“The strategies are clear and concise and don’t rely heavily on indicators… which is exactly what you want. Intermediaries and advanced traders will get value out of this! Plus, for the amount of money spent it is the most complete course material i’ve ever had”

By this point you’ve seen how we can solve your problems, we’ve shown you an overview of the amazing course content, we’ve shown you a selection of reviews from our members, but let’s face it, you guys want to see results too. I wouldn’t expect you guys to buy into a course without seeing some of the amazing results of some of our members after taking the course. Take a look at the ‘money shots’ below!

Feel like you would take value in joining the Society as a Sapphire Member by taking advantage of all of the above?



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Want to take your knowledge and trading capabilities that little bit further? The Swing Trader Society Weekly Watchlist Webinars could be the best place for you…

Emerald Membership

Learn a completely fresh approach to becoming a chart technician. Trading shouldn’t be, and doesn’t have to be complicated! That’s why at the Swing Trader Society we teach a very unique approach when it comes to understanding and trading the charts. We have a very simplistic, easy to understand approach to trading which delivered week in and week out to all of our Emerald members through our weekly watchlist webinars. Not only is this an opportunity to get insight into the Swing Trader Society approach, but it’s also a fantastic way to receive updated market commentary from the Swing Trader Society’s weekly watchlist.

What You’ll Receive…

45 minute – 1 hour recorded webinars EVERY Sunday at 5PM GMT.

Complete top down analysis of at least 10 currency pairs per week.

A view of my personal trading watchlist, with my analysis for the week ahead.

We’ll teach you how to accurately analyse the charts with the Swing Trader Society approach!

Discussion and analysis of forecasted trading setups.

Full access to the Swing Trader Society via private invitation link.


One of the most important ways to determine the success provided is to read the reviews of those who have already been on the receiving end of it. So don’t take our word for, read what our members have to say about the value the Swing Trader Society provides instead…

Philip Wilson, United Kingdom

“Your analysis is so clear and concise yet so sophisticated… i’m so impressed (knew i would be), going over your webinar again for the second time tonight. Gives me so much confidence watching that someone else is analysing very similar to me and cements to me that I am very much improving. Looking forward to the week to come!”

Robert Ornelas, United States

“The weekly webinars are a nice way to correlate your analysis to the Swing Trader Society’s to see if you are seeing the same, whilst learning as well. Mitch is nice and easily approachable with any questions and is willing to work with you if needed!”

Aaron Cheng, United Kingdom

“I’ve watched your weekly webinar for this week and it is very helpful. Great analysis! I am an experienced intraday trader but you are showing me a completely new way of trading.”

Ivans Kigwana, South Africa

“I woke up to find EUR/AUD hit my take profit. Nice prediction boss”

Aleksander Thorsen, Norway

“I’m in GBP/JPY [and GBP/USD] which is running nicely, got both from the webinar. Your webinars are sick! Keep doing what you do”

Chandler Jones, United Kingdom

“Learning from the best, love the Sunday webinar, it has helped me MASSIVELY on my journey!”

Dave Gaskell, United

“Top job again this week Mitch, thank you for your time and efforts”

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