Swing Trade Accelerator 1.0 Download

Learn how I search for the highest probability swing trades, and invest with predictable ROI”
What’s Included:
– 5 Hours and 30 Minutes of Pre-Recorded Live Video Training
– 68 Pages of Notes
– Lifetime Access
– Access to my Telegram Support Channel
– Access to nearly $10,000 in indicators and automated strategies
– Access to my full archive of trading files and trading research

What You’ll Learn:
How to use Volume Development
How to Trend Trade with the Volume Profile
How to use Time-Series Analysis
How to time the markets with Price Action
What you’ll be able to do by the end of this course:
You’ll be able to read the Volume-Profile to find the best trade setups.
You’ll be able to read the trend to know which way to trade.
You’ll be able to use time series to find recurring patterns in the market.
You’ll be able to know with absolute certainty what the market is doing based on Price Action.
You’ll be able to time your trades down to the hour with Price Action pattern recognition.
Most importantly you will have a well structured method that allows you to repeat the same process, giving you more consistent results in your trading.
Module 1 – Volume Development
Module 2 – Trend Identification
Module 3 – Time Series
Module 4 – Timing with Price Action
Bonus – Technical Analysis of The Futures Markets

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