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A Fountain of Knowledge For The “Everyday” Forex Trader…

My name is Chris Leet. And I founded Pro Trading School to bridge the premium information gap that is ruining the efforts of millions of traders.

That’s why I share tested, trusted, and proven strategies with you on this blog to help you dominate many financial markets.

It all started years ago when I first started out as a trader.

I was excited about the opportunity to get going. The opportunity to start raking in some serious profits.

But the little I was able to learn didn’t produce the results I wanted.

I got my finger burnt multiple times.

In the end, I came to two conclusions: the available information on trading is either outdated or is simply garbage.

After years of hard work, I cracked the proverbial code and was able to start turning consistent profits from trading.

Along the way, I created my first resource which I named the “Candlestick Trading Bible” and over a thousand traders have till date benefited immensely from it.

I get emails every day from students thanking me for how the information in that guide has been helpful. And so I am inspired to further share my knowledge.

My goal is simple…

To help over 1 million traders all over the world become super profitable.

To do that I am going to share a lot on this blog…

Things like:

– What works and what doesn’t work and show the mistakes traders do so you can avoid them.

– Best price action trading strategies that work in current markets

– How to use indicators the right way in combination with price action.

– How to build the right mindset and how to deal with psychological struggles sch as fear, anxiety, greed

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