Sup 9 Martingale EA

Sup 9 Martingale EA

he world of forex trading has witnessed a significant evolution with the integration of automated trading systems. Among these systems, the Sup 9 Martingale EA has garnered attention as a distinctive trading strategy that employs the Martingale approach within the context of support and resistance levels. This EA, or Expert Advisor, operates within the framework of the MetaTrader trading platform and aims to capitalize on market movements while managing risk.

Understanding the Strategy:

The Sup 9 Martingale EA is built upon a combination of two key concepts – the Martingale strategy and support/resistance levels.

  1. Martingale Strategy: The Martingale strategy involves doubling the trading position size after a losing trade, with the aim of recovering previous losses when a winning trade is executed. It relies on the assumption that, over time, a winning trade will eventually occur, offsetting the accumulated losses. This strategy is often seen as high-risk due to the potential for large drawdowns, especially if there’s an extended losing streak.
  2. Support and Resistance Levels: Support and resistance levels are crucial elements in technical analysis. Support represents a price level where a downtrend can be expected to pause due to a concentration of demand, while resistance is a level where an uptrend can pause due to a concentration of supply. These levels often serve as potential entry and exit points for trades.

The Working Mechanism:

The Sup 9 Martingale EA combines the principles of the Martingale strategy with the identification of support and resistance levels. Here’s how the strategy works:

  1. Identification of Support/Resistance: The EA identifies key support and resistance levels within the chosen currency pair’s price chart.
  2. Entry on Breakout: When the price breaks above a resistance level or below a support level, the EA generates a trade signal. This breakout is seen as a potential trend reversal or continuation.
  3. Initial Position: The EA enters the market with an initial trading position. If the trade is profitable, it closes at a predefined profit level.
  4. Martingale Progression: In the event of a losing trade, the EA employs the Martingale progression by doubling the position size in the next trade. This aims to recover the previous loss when a winning trade occurs.
  5. Risk Management: To mitigate the risks associated with the Martingale strategy, the EA often includes safeguards such as maximum drawdown limits, stop-loss levels, and capital allocation rules.

Risk and Considerations:

The Sup 9 Martingale EA, like any trading strategy, carries inherent risks that traders should be aware of:

  1. High-Risk Nature: The Martingale strategy can lead to substantial drawdowns if consecutive losses occur. Traders need to carefully manage their risk and position sizes to prevent significant capital erosion.
  2. Market Conditions: The effectiveness of the EA heavily relies on market conditions. In ranging markets, repeated breakouts without strong trends can lead to poor performance.
  3. Strategy Adaptation: Traders might need to adapt the EA’s parameters and settings based on changing market conditions and risk tolerance.


The Sup 9 Martingale EA showcases the integration of the Martingale strategy with support and resistance levels, creating an automated trading approach. While this strategy offers potential benefits, traders must be cautious due to the associated risks. Proper risk management, thorough backtesting, and an understanding of the strategy’s mechanics are essential for those considering implementing the Sup 9 Martingale EA in their trading activities.



  • UseautoLotSize
  • Each USD to open 0.01
  • Hidden dynamic trailing Stop with breakeven style
  • 2K USD to start (1K USD for slow mode)
  • 1:500 leverage

Additional features:

  • Highly adaptable and flexible trading strategy
  • Flexible with regards to symbols, can work with any prefix or suffix
  • Fully dynamic, no .set file required, can be easily customized
  • Only sold on the MQL market, designed for use with MetaTrader platform
  • Highly flexible in terms of timeframe, suitable for any timeframe
  • Additional calculation factors for enhanced effectiveness, including analysis of all broker quotes, sentiment analysis, heat maps, swap rates, news filters, and data mining for news.
  • Dual-algorithm system: The S9M merges two complementary algorithms for optimised trading strategies and improved returns
  • Profit target: The robot strives to double your returns weekly through its fast-paced trading approach
  • Recommended starting capital: To fully utilize the Sup 9 Martingale Trading Robot’s

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