Successful Day Trading with Fibonacci Download

The Thinkorswim platform should be installed prior to taking this course.

What you’ll learn

Understand martket direction

Understand entry, exit & target points

understand the correction trading size

Understand how to use our money making strategy



Day trading can be extremely frustrating. Somes it feels like there is someone in the machine looking at you, waiting for you to place your order so that they can take the trade in another direction and take your money. The truth is, because of very advanced algorithms the machine “IS” watching. This is why its important to understand how to read a Chart so that you can run with Bulls and not fight the bears, and trade high probability winning trades and not losing one’s. We will give you several studies that are not provided in the thinkerorswim platform and teach you how to use them. This course will teach you:

1. Which direction the stock that you trading is running

2. Where to get in

3. Where to place your stops

4. When to get out

In several hours you will learn these simple Techniques and take the fear out of trading. You will also be able to back test these simple techniques on the thinkorswim “Ondemand” platform as well.

Who this course is for:

This course is intended for students who want to make profitable trades by properly reading stock charts

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