SMB Training- Amy Meissner’s Asymmetrical Iron Condor Download

As an AIC Trader, You Will:


  • Generate consistent returns, even during market sell-offs and crashes. Be free of worrying about bear markets or the next financial crisis. Use the AIC course to give you a road map to navigate anything that happens in the market.
  • Preserve capital while you grow your account. For many traders, the ability to avoid just one bad day in the wrong trade is worth the price of the course.
  • Have a complete market neutral trading plan you can use as a standalone trade or to diversify your other options trades
  • Have less risk if the VIX spikes compared to other options spreads
  • Understand how to make management decisions by implementing Amy’s easy and uncomplicated trading style
  • Trade with virtually zero risk when the market rallies to the upside
  • Trade on your own schedule, even if you have a full-time career or live outside of the US.
  • Understand the framework of the trade structure so you can make management decisions with confidence.
  • Be confident that you are ready to trade through the next market crash… and learn how some of your biggest winning trades can even happen during a market crash

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