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Haystack Indicator Bundle

The Haystack Bundle consists of the Multi-Squeeze, Top Hat, and Power Correlations Indicators. When the indicators in the Haystack Bundle are combined they provide a unique look at three essential parts of every trade.

The Multi-Squeeze shows hidden Squeezes across multiple timeframes.
The Top Hat Indicator shows potential swing highs or lows based on volatility calculations.
Power Correlations show just how your positions relate to overall index and sector risk.

Combining the three gives us: directional anticipation, turning points in price, and market risk correlations… essential information to understand for successful trading.

Included Indicators:

Multi Squeeze Indicator

We understand the power of trading with a Squeeze. Price compression leads to price expansion and, as directional options traders, we need to take advantage of those opportunities when they arise.

The Multi-Squeeze allows traders to see Squeeze setups on multiple timeframes.

These setups can lead to cascades of directional buying or selling, and very quickly being able to see and process this information via the Multi-Squeeze Indicator is one of the strongest signals we trade.

Top Hat Indicator

The “Top Hat” Indicator exposes upcoming ‘reversions to the mean’ in advance. These abrupt reversals are often triggered by ‘algo attacks’. This tool offers an objective way to time sector rotation and stay on the right side of the big fund’s ‘trade flow’. Objectively know when to lock in profits.

Top Hat Features:

  • Powered by Average True Range measurements in THREE timeframes
  • Reveals when to expect ‘algo attacks’ using their own tactics
  • Use on intraday or daily charts to anticipate ‘sudden’ reversals Now available for Thinkorswim and Tradestation

Power Correlations Indicator

How Do We Use It?

The Haystack Bundle, right out of the box, gives us three critical pieces of information for every trade.

The Multi-Squeeze tells us what timeframes are showing price compression. Price compressions lead to price expansions, especially when multiple timeframes show a squeeze. These are some of the most directionally powerful trades.

Top Hats tell us when a stock is getting statistically overheated or oversold, these times precede swing highs and lows.

Power Correlations show us, at a glance, the often underappreciated correlation between overall market risk and risk to our trade.

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