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The Altcoin Investing Course is a 9-module course taught by Cryptocurrency analyst and trader Rekt Capital, aimed at helping you better understand and navigate the Altcoin market.

Rekt Capital’s previous “Technical Analysis” and “Risk Management” courses both have an overall rating of 5 out of 5.


– 9 Video Lectures

This densely-packed course features Rekt Capital’s unique cutting-edge research that really makes a difference to you as an Altcoin trader and investor. Complex market phenomena are distilled into precise, actionable insights that will help you better navigate the Altcoin market.

– 2 x BONUS Tutorials From Rekt Capital’s Previous Courses

Early birds of the Altcoin Investing Course will receive 2 x Bonus Video Tutorials from Rekt Capital’s previous courses: “Trading View: My Setup, Tips and Tricks” from the Technical Analysis course and “Portfolio Structuring and Diversification” from the Risk Management course.


Rekt Capital is a cryptocurrency trader and analyst and author of the Rekt Capital Newsletterthe #4 Crypto newsletter on Substack globally. His market research and analysis has been featured in Forbes, CoinTelegraph, Real Vision, Hackernoon, BraveNewCoin, and Medium’s largest publication The Startup.


Bitcoin has been the best performing asset over the past ten years.

In fact, the price of Bitcoin has increased by +1400% inside a year (i.e. March 2020 – March 2021).

But what isn’t talked about nearly as often is that other cryptocurrencies have appreciated significantly as well, some even more than Bitcoin. Here’s a brief list of only some of the Altcoins that outperformed Bitcoin during that same one year time period  from March 2020 to March 2021:

– Ethereum (+2,200%)

– Chainlink (+2,200%)

– Binancecoin (+5,500%)

– Cardano (+8,100%)

– Zilliqa (+10,200%)

As the cryptocurrency space continues to evolve, there is an increasing legitimate interest from investors to diversify their crypto holdings into other promising crypto-assets that could offer a lucrative Return On Investment. If anything, the aforementioned Altcoins are a testament to the fact that it’s worth trying.

Altcoins can figure as powerful wealth-generating vehicles if strategically invested in.

Unfortunately, most Altcoin investment decisions are made based purely on emotion and lack of insight.

But the Altcoin market is governed by a few crucial principles that, if mastered, will fundamentally change how you approach your Altcoin trading and investing.

Through this course, you will learn to understand the Altcoin market and the principles that govern its cyclical movements so that you can effectively navigate the Altcoin market as an investor.



Anyone who is interested in improving their understanding of the Altcoin market and learning strategies to navigate it profitably and effectively will find the information presented in this course incredibly valuable and practical.

This densely-packed course features actionable insights that will really make a difference to you as to how to trade and invest in Altcoins. It has been designed for those looking to learn about how to better navigate the Altcoin market without spending countless hours on independent research.

The cutting-edge insights covered in the course are complex and intellectually challenging but are presented in an easy to follow, digestible manner.


• Learn about Altcoin Market Cycles and the historically recurring themes in their movement to better understand where Altcoins are in their overall cycle at any given time.

• Understand the unique relationship between Bitcoin Market Cycles and Altcoin Market Cycles. How they differ, how they co-occur, and how to spot transitional periods that precede either new Altcoin Bull Markets or new Altcoin Bear Markets.

• Learn how to identify periods of maximum financial opportunity in Altcoins vs. periods of maximum financial risk and learn how to position yourself accordingly.

• Understand the specific market conditions that enable strong Altseasons to occur.

• Learn how to time the beginning and end of an Altseason.

• Discover a wide-variety of Altcoin correlations that will save you time in choosing the investment that best aligns with your time horizon preferences, risk profile, personal investing style, tolerance to risk, as well as unique personality inclinations.

• Improve your ability to independently spot promising Altcoin opportunities.

• Learn how to proactively build a cryptocurrency portfolio in line with Money Flow principles so that you can strategically capitalise on prevailing trends in investor profit circulation.


Lecture 1 – Altcoin Market Cycles

This lecture introduces Altcoin Market Cycles and why you should learn about them.

Rekt Capital discusses the various patterns and tendencies that historically recur in these cycles and how grasping the principles that govern these cycles will tremendously improve one’s ability to effectively navigate the Altcoin market.

Lecture 2 – Altcoin Bull and Bear Markets

This lecture focuses on segmenting Altcoin Market Cycles into periods of low- and high-profitability.

You’ll learn how to identify periods of maximum macro financial opportunity in Altcoins as well as periods of macro maximum macro financial risk and learn how to position yourself accordingly. Rekt Capital shares metrics he personally finds useful in determining topping-out signs on Altcoin trends.

Lecture 3 – Bitcoin Halving Effect On Altcoins

This lecture is dedicated to exploring the Bitcoin Halving effect on the prices of Altcoins. Bitcoin’s price changes associated with the Halving will be examined in the context of how Altcoins behave in tandem with Bitcoin.

Perhaps most importantly – this lecture will explore the unique relationship between Bitcoin Market Cycles and Altcoin Market Cycles: how they differ from one another, how they co-occur, and how to spot transitional periods that precede either new Altcoin Bull Markets or new Altcoin Bear Markets.

Lecture 4 – Altcoin Hype Cycles

This lecture is about the seasonality in Altcoin price appreciation and depreciation.

You’ll learn how to recognise Altcoin Hype Cycles and how to navigate them effectively with the aid of unique tools and metrics.

Historical Altcoin Hype Cycles are also examined to deduce the specific market conditions that enable these Hype Cycles, which conditions disrupt them, and how to leverage this historical knowledge to you advantage in your trading and investing.

Lecture 5 – Altcoin Correlations

Discover a wide-variety of Altcoin correlations that will save you time in choosing Altcoin investments that best suit your personal preferences. Understanding Altcoin Correlations will tremendously aid your decision-making when choosing the right investment for you.

Lecture 6 – Altcoin Lag Cycles

Learn about Altcoin/USD cycles and the Altcoin/BTC cycles that follow.

This lecture discusses the lagging relationship between these cycles and how they co-occur. It explores periods of discorrelation, recorrelation, and decorrelation.

You’ll learn how to distinguish between phases so that you know which Altcoin pairings will be more profitable based on where Altcoins are in the Market Cycle at any given time.

Lecture 7 – How To Time Altcoin Trend Acceleration

Learn how to strategically utilise Altcoin/ETH price charts to spot and time Altcoins that are on the cusp of trend acceleration.

This lecture focuses Altcoins that lag behind Ethereum and discusses the market conditions that enable these same Altcoins to drastically outpace Ethereum.

Lecture 8 – When Do Strong Altseasons Occur?

Learn how to distinguish the different types of Altseasons using cutting-edge technical metrics.

Rekt Capital covers the unique relationship between Bitcoin Market Cycles and Altcoin Market Cycles and outlines how specific Bitcoin price moves can offer predictive insight into future Altcoin price trends.

Lecture 9 – How To Time The Beginning and End of an Altseason

Learn when to enter Altcoins, when to exit, as well as when to completely avoid them.

This lecture addresses the specific market conditions that enable increases in Altcoin valuations as well as the warning signs that precede their depletion. Learn how to detect crucial signs of an Altseason coming to an end and how to appropriately prepare for it.

Here, Rekt Capital explores a variety of time-tested indicators and metrics that reliably precede Altcoin Seasons and their peaks.

He cross-references them with one another to build an effective and cohesive system to determining early-stage bullish or bearish Altcoin trend reversals.

BONUS Lecture 10 – Trading View: My Set Up, Tips and Tricks

This video tutorial is from Rekt Capital’s “Technical Analysis” course that has an overall rating of 5 out of 5 and features as a bonus lecture in this course.

In this lecture, Rekt Capital reveals how he utilises Trading View to identify promising Altcoin set-ups. He shares a wide-variety of personal tips and tricks that help him construct a stellar Altcoin watchlist and discusses how he approaches his watchlist to identify the best possible trade or investment.

BONUS Lecture 11 – Portfolio Structuring and Diversification

This video tutorial is from Rekt Capital’s “Risk Management” course that has an overall rating of 5 out of 5 and features as a bonus lecture in this course.

This lecture focuses on how to build your cryptocurrency portfolio while taking into account a wide-variety of risk management principles. Portfolio segmentation strategies and profit circulation tactics are explored.


The Rekt Capital Altcoin Investing Course is now available for $199.

Crypto payments are also accepted, specifically Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. Please find the details for Crypto payments in the FAQ section below.

Feel free to get in touch with Rekt Capital directly on Twitter via if you have any questions.


Are The Videos In This Course Pre-Recorded?

Yes, all video lectures are pre-recorded for you to watch at your own leisure.

Do I Have Lifetime Access To The Course?

Yes, by enrolling in this course you have lifetime access to all 9 video lectures as well as the 2 bonus tutorials from previous Rekt Capital courses.

Can I Pay For The Course(s) in Crypto?

Yes you can pay in Crypto, specifically in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. Here are the details:

Altcoin Investing:

Rekt Capital Masterclass:

All Crypto payments include 20% VAT. You will receive an email with access to the course within 24 hours of payment.

Feel free to get in touch with Rekt Capital directly on Twitter via if you have any questions.

How Is This Course Different From Rekt Capital’s Other Courses?

Each course has been designed to focus on a specific area of cryptocurrency trading and investing.

The “Technical Analysis” course is dedicated to teaching students how to navigate the Cryptocurrency market with the aid of technical analysis.

The “Risk Management” course offers all the tools you need to build your very own Risk Management strategy that is specifically tailored to your risk appetite, risk tolerance, trade preference, personality type, and trading and investing style.

The “Altcoin Investing Course” focuses on breaking down the Altcoin Market into first principles and sharing cutting-edge insights and concepts to help you better navigate your Altcoin trades and investments.

Which Course Should I Get First?

This depends on your needs. Each course addresses a different area in the cryptocurrency market.

See the FAQ above to help give you an idea which course would be better for you to start with.

I Bought The Technical Analysis Course Separately. Am I Still Entitled To A Discount For The Bundle Or Masterclass?

Absolutely – all students of previous Rekt Capital courses are entitled to Bundle discounts.

Feel free to get in touch with Rekt Capital with the email address you purchased the first course with and you will receive a discount code for your next purchase.

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