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Start Trading Better Tomorrow Our Swing Trader program, led by veteran trader Paul Singh, will show you how to successfully navigate the world of swing trading and learn how to generate a second income without having to sit at your computer all day!

Swing Trade Features.

Daily Trade Reports
Daily Stock Watch List
All New Group Mentorship Sessions
In-depth Market Analysis
Clear Explanations

Daily Trade Reports
Paul’s daily Trade Reports provide an in-depth view of overall market conditions, current positions, watchlist stocks, and more.

Is swing trading right for me?
If you agree to any of the following points then swing trading might be perfect for you!

I Have Limited Time
Have a full-time job? Don’t have hours every day to research stocks and read charts?

Why Swing Trading Works
Swing traders typically trade 2-3 stocks per week, providing a secondary income for those will full time jobs. Let us find the right stocks to trade!

I Have Limited Capital
Do you have less than $25,000 to trade? Can’t stomach the high risk/reward of Day Trading?

Why Swing Trading Works
Swing Traders hold positions from a few days to a few weeks and always have proper risk management to limit downside.

I Want to Learn.
Do you want to learn the fundamentals behind each winning alert?

Why Swing Trading Works
Paul goes into great detail explaining the reasons behind every trade. Learn how a veteran trader analyzes the market.

About Paul Singh
Paul’s approach to part-time trading focuses on momentum stocks with catalysts, money flow, price action and volume. He religiously adheres to strict risk and trade management principles.

Swing Trading for over 18 years
2016 Performance to date: 20%+
Turned $5k initial investment into a growing full time income

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