Orderflows Inner Circle

Orderflows Inner Circle

Knowledge is Power and Power Means Increased Profits…

Start Taking Advantage Of The Best Order Flow Trading Methods From A Trader With 20+ Years Experience.

Why Did I Create An Inner Circle?

almost wish I could have one of those ‘interesting’ stories about how I lived in my parent’s basement, was flat broke and struggling trading until I found the “Holy Grail,” but the honest truth is that’s not what happened. I came from an upper middle class family. Growing up some of my friends dad’s were traders at the CME and CBOT. I had always dreamed of being a trader. While in college I worked full-time in a grocery store. After graduating college with a degree in Economics I took the summer off until I ran out of money. A former colleague from working in the grocery store recommended me as a management trainee with a big national grocery chain. After a year I was already a manager, making actually decent money and on a career track. It was a solid job, I mean everyone has to eat so they have to buy groceries. But I knew deep down that working in a grocery store was not what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be a trader. I had friends working on the CME floor and telling me about the excitement of first walking onto the trading floor. I was fortunate to get an introduction to the CME floor manager for Dean Witter who hired me.

When I got into Futures industry I started at the bottom – I worked as a runner on the CME floor for Dean Witter earning the princely sum of $6.25 an hour, which for a runner on the CME floor in the early 1990’s was on the high side. I worked hard to learn anything and everything I could from everyone I who would talk to me. I was like a sponge. Some people may say that I was in the right place at the right time, but what I did was position myself to be in the right position through hard work.

I worked my way up and eventually off the CME floor with Dean Witter, then moving to EDF Man, Commerzbank, Cargill and finally JP Morgan. In 2013, 3 months the birth of my daughter I decided to leave JP Morgan. It was a life changing decision. Going from a cushy job at one of the biggest investment banks to trading from myself in a home office. But that is what trading offers – financial freedom. Big money can be made, but at the same time, life savings can be lost just as easily. You only hear the success stories in trading you don’t hear the failures, and there have been some spectacular failures of individual fortunes lost. But I can’t stress it enough, you can lose everything trading. In some cases I have seen people lose more than money. I am talking about families and even their own lives.

But I digress…In 2015 I started Orderflows.com to help bring my way of trading order flow to the public. Along the way I have met some very great retail traders. I have also watched people struggle over and over and have come to realize that traders can go further with a bit of extra help and guidance to get better results. I’m also aware that for a lot of people the cost of hiring a one-on-one personal trading coach is prohibitively expensive. I want to help your trading but I am not trying to become your personal trading coach, instead I want to get you on the right track.

I am always happy to discuss the markets and order flow with anyone, but I realize there are some who view order flow as some get rich quick scheme and there are those who are more serious and see it as the right way to trade. If the former describes you then the Inner Circle will benefit you.

To me order flow is the only way to trade. After using a footprint chart for the first time I was never wanted to look at a normal bar chart again. I still look at bar charts the only difference is they have volume footprints wrapped around them.

First of all I want to stress that with the Orderflows Trader you have everything you need to look at the markets in a way that puts you head and shoulders above the trading crowd. But what if you want advanced order flow and trading knowledge? Where are you going to get that knowledge? A trading forum from some anonymous kid posting under the name biglips69? Does he have the background? Who knows. Does he have the experience? Doubtful. Has be ever traded?

Today, I’ve decided to re-open the Inner Circle for a five traders who want to take their trading to the next level, who want to learn more, who want to share their thoughts and who are tired of all of the B.S. out there.  The Inner Circle is more than just information, I am also including FREE access to the trading indicators that I have programmed to help read and analyze order flow. The indicators portion of the Inner Circle is worth the joining price.

Join the Inner Circle and I’ll pull back the curtain.

When you join today you will get:

The Inner Circle has been in existence for about 1 year and there are already 45 webinars inside the members area and there will be plenty of new material and indicators that will be released. The indicators are being coded one at a time and will be released as soon as they have been tested by me to make sure they do what they are supposed to do and ready to apply to the markets.
TThe Delta Scalper for NT7 and NT8 –  Delta Scalper is based on my own experience while trading at JP Morgan. When I was accumulating a position and I would see a MAJOR shift from normal buying and selling to one side being incredibly strong that is when I knew I also had to be more aggressive and finish up my accumulation because more often than not the market would continue in that direction. As a trader what do you want to do? Do you want to buy when the sellers are showing their strength? NO. You will get run over by the sheer strength of their selling. You want to sell when the selling is overwhelming the buyers. The same is true when buyers are showing signs of strength you don’t want to be selling into a rising market on the back of solid aggressive buying, you want to be buying into it. You want to be buying when the buyers are scooping up all the available supply.
The Price Rejector  for NT7 and NT8 – Not all prices are the same. The Reason So Many Traders Lose Money With Price Based Indicators Is They Focus Only On Price. They Don’t Take Into Account Market Participation At Price. Price Based Indicators Fail Because They Do Measure The Strength, Or, More Importantly, Lack Of Strength At The End Of A Move. That Is Why I Created The Price Rejector. The NUMBER ONE reason most traders fail is they think all prices traded are created equal. Not all prices are the same. This is especially true as the market makes highs and lows. The market exists to facilitate trade to. To find price levels where both buyers and sellers can trade and be happy, in other words a “fair price”. In order to find this fair price level the market will go up and go down. A market will move up and up as traders buy and buy, however as the market reaches its high price level, the level where traders think it too expensive to buy, then buying activity becomes less, selling takes over and the market starts to drop. The opposite is true when the market is moving lower and lower as traders sell and sell. The market reaches a point where price is just to cheap to sell anymore and selling activity becomes less and less, buying takes over and the market starts to rally. This is what the Price Rejector looks for. It looks for areas in the market where price is being rejected by analyzing the order flow on several factors: 

  • Volume traded on the bid and offer.
  • Recent price action
  • Market imbalance
  • Determines if the market has been trending or trading in a range.

The POC Trader for NT7 and NT8 – is the first indicator that I am releasing. The POC trader highlights when an important POC is made. The POC is the price level in a bar that has the most traded volume. When POC is properly used it can signal support and resistance. The real power of the POC trader is that when you combine it with order flow it will highlight critical levels on a chart. It helps you in trending markets as well as congested markets.
The POC Cheatsheet – a printable sheet of important POC you should look for.
The Orderflows Delta Candles for NT7 and NT8 – is the second I have released since the start of the Inner Circle. This indicator puts the order flow delta into an easy to read Japanese Candlestick style format. You can forget about having to try and analyze the delta, simply look at the delta candle to help your trading decision.
The Delta Candle Cheatsheet – a printable sheet of important delta candle formations you should look for.
The Orderflows Flip for NT7 Only – this indicator is a short term indicator that catched some really big moves.  If you have been around the market in the early 2000’s you will have likely heard of Paul Rotter, aka “The Flipper.” While the Flipper would benefit from essentially spoofing the market with large orders in the book, often times on both sides of the market, he was often exposed to getting filled on orders he might have had no intention of getting filled on. HFT’s face a similar problem, they are often working bids and offers, but when someone comes in and sweeps the book, they are at risk and need to cover their position. The Flip catches some of the more explosive moves in the market as traders feed on each other.
The Valtos Transition for NT7 Only – Shows when a market is moving from a supply driven market to a demand driven market. This transition is important because that is where trends start. The big moves every trader wants to get in on.
The Valtos U-Turn for NT7 Only – My latest indicator. The best way to describe this indicator is understanding what is not happening that should be happening is just as important as what is happening. Confused? Don’t be. A good trader know how a market should act based on the order flow and when the opposite happens the good trader recognizes it and acts accordingly. There are times when what is happening is running counter to what should be happening. This is where great trading opportunities exist.

My indicators run on both Orderflows Trader generated charts as well as normal candlestick charts.

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