NOVA EA v6 – MT5 Download

Expert Advisor Recommendation

Account Lavarage 1:500
TF : H1
Min Deposit : 500USD
Trading Hours : 24/7

Automatically establishes the Takeprofit, Stoploss and Investment Volume most appropriate for each operation, the Nova V6 performs a Machine Learning type calculation which is based on automatic learning of a series of market data to establish dynamic input parameters for each operation achieving stay updated automatically thanks to artificial intelligence!

Customized and patented strategy, the strategy with which the NOVA V6 EA MT5 Forex Robot is programmed is created using customized indicators adjusted to the measure necessary to achieve a magnificent performance in the short and long term. The base strategy «Bull Strategy» is mainly based on detecting and execute buy or sell orders when there is a divergence in the price, or in short an over buy or over sell, in this scenario the market needs to make a price correction and it is when the Nova V6 acts executing buy or sell orders in the right time.

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