MOON – All About Trading 4 in 1 & Investment Application Download

What you’ll learn

  • Acceptance of Failure
  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis Teachings
  • Securing Personal Networks, Devices and Accounts
  • Sunk Cost
  • Making the Right Intermediary Institution Preference
  • Risk Management and Strategies
  • Psychology Management
  • MOON – Use of Investment Application


  • Interest and passion for financial markets
  • A mind open to learning and the courage to do something different from the crowd
  • In order to use the investment application, our students must know how to use the computer and Microsoft Excel program at the beginner level


MOON – All About Trading 4 in 1 & Investment Application promises you unique and enjoyable learning with a storytelling narrative.

In this course, you will learn 4 basic principles of investment.

1. Security

2. Psychology Management

3. Fundamental and Technical Analysis

4. Risk Management

If you don’t have enough knowledge and skills on these topics or if you want more for yourself, this course is for you!

Course Structure

No time wasted. We are aware of the value of time. That’s why we have offered you a unique visual and auditory experience, in favor of fast, enjoyable and easy understanding, which is our priority.

Course Content

  • Take Responsibility
  • Stay Safe
  • Shape Your Emotions
  • Know Your Enemy
  • Make Rules
  • Make a Choice
  • Take Risk
  • Stop-Loss

Investment Application

Microsoft Excel based investment management and tracking application. It’s free forever for our students and fully customizable.


The investment application contains the programming language called visual basic, supported by Microsoft Excel and the file is shared with our students in the resources section of our course as open source. Due to the fact that the file is shared as open source and users have full authority on it, the relevant application file is only requested to be downloaded from the source section of our course. It should be remembered that content from external sources can be changed to threaten your security.

It is guaranteed by the instructor that there is no content that could threaten your safety in the file in the resources section of our training.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to invest
  • Anyone who wants to ensure their financial security
  • Anyone who wants to get into the ability to cope with market pressure
  • Anyone who wants to have investment tracking and analysis application

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