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LEARN MORE ABOUT ​ORDER ACTION Greetings and welcome to MINTEDSEED. We first termed and named our content Order Action in order to draw a line between price action and Order Action, through the revelation of our Order Series. Trade FOREX the correct way through our Order Series. Learn Order Action from the original creator and founder. Find out more about us: MINTEDSEED and the founding philosophy of Order Action We did not decide such designs and methodologies within our content – it came itself through a chained reaction, everything about MINTEDSEED goes through an intricate process – the traders, writers, and educators are carefully handpicked. Working together and gathering feedback from collective trading groups and communities, we ended up with the most detailed content. The collection of details and ideas is what brought this beautiful and clean design into the trading scene. The very nature of the content made everything look it this way. Details may hinder many, unless they can see the beauty within it. ​Being the very first trading community that revolves around the environment, our unique philosophy is what redefines trading discipline. Because in trading, growing an account is just like growing a plant. We’ll bring you through these concepts, so you will get a better picture on setting your mind right before making a decision to join us. “No matter how good you think you are, your method is useless without the understanding of order flow” We teach true price action in the form of supply and demand, everything else is conceptual price action which is the standard norm (what you’ll find if you search the term ‘price action’) – and conceptual price action is nothing compared to true price action – in this case, we call it Order Action. Everything you’ve read about supply and demand is wrong! 90% of traders know nothing about true supply and demand, it is not support and resistance, and not some ‘zones’ nonsense – let alone order flow (how the markets truly move). Almost everything you know about Price Action is wrong, and we want to make it right. What the vast majority of price action traders are doing is just conceptual or theories. Mission & Vision ‘Mint’ or ‘minted’ – by definition can mean a large some of money or a process in which money is made. It can also mean an aromatic plant – fresh mint. The word ‘mint’ fits our philosophy and goal, as we want to educate traders already in the process to a fresh new start – the truth of Price Action. You come in as seeds which we cultivate. Hence, the name: MINTEDSEED. Yeah, many will think what does that name have to do with trading? Now, you see it could be the very definition of trading education. MINTEDSEED aims to educate you with true Price Action, in order for you to understand how and why the markets move. There is too much misunderstanding that revolves around Price Action. There are also indicators and robots, also signal providers – feel free to check them out if you want to. But, the reason you are here is because you are an educated trader, or what we called the woke trader (by the way, not enlightened yet). You found this thing known as Price Action, but the Price Action you know is all Conceptual Price Action. What we are trying to do, is drawing the line between Conceptual Price Action and True Price Action (Order Action). If things were so simple, everyone would of made it. We are here to educate you on the advanced aspects of trading. Have you been to those financial freedom talks, or business talks, or those motivational and inspirational seminars? Everyone seems so hyped until reality hits them harder than before. This is what the trading industry has come to. Trading is not some motivational or lifestyle material where you just believe it can work for you too – you must work harder than ever. Our insights and education prunes you. Price action does work great, while bringing your draw-down on a roller coaster ride. What the vast majority of price action traders are doing is looking for clues painted on the charts – looking to the left, in other words, looking for clues in the pass. It has passed, its preterite, therefore it is price action-ed. Price action traders are using the past to determine future actions while thinking “history will repeat itself” – believing some structural level will play some role in the future. MINTEDSEED brings you to look to the left, not for price action(ed) patterns or methodologies, but for unfilled or unfinished orders. It’s incomplete, it hasn’t happened yet – and it is going to happen, therefore this is true price action.​ Hello everyone, ​Finally the introduction about us… MINTEDSEED was founded through a small community initially working together to truly understand the markets, even having a combined trading experience of more than 10+ years and working on this content hours a day – it took us 2 years to compile our work and we decided it is time to share our content. The compilation process began as an archive to keep our content in a clean and systematic manner, which we can access and use with ease – we found that the way we laid out the content was very different from everything out there. So, we decided to expand the content into the education and design field – to create the best trading education through the use of our unique concepts. We need to inform those that assume FOREX is a way to ‘escape the system’ and gain financial freedom – are totally wrong, as all financial freedom talk is actually a brainwashing tool that damages society. Yes, everyone wants financial freedom, but it all comes at a cost! This is why MINTEDSEED concepts revolve around plants, because you need time to grow, not just in trading – but in real life, as many traders are living in their fantasy world of chasing luxury. ​Hopefully, you are not expecting a life’s story on humble beginnings all the way to being rich – but rather how and why did MINTEDSEED come to be. Long story, but we’ll keep it short, after working together with a number of traders around the world and locally, we realized that whatever was thought and shared could only be digested and understood through personal experience. This is why everything is so subjective and ended as theories instead of standards. You see, we cannot define anything in the market – this is why there are so many different approaches. We cannot define, let alone set the standard, but we’re here to set the benchmark – This is the benchmark, no other content comes close. But before all that, we need to re-educate and provide. Also, to emphasize we are price action traders and our course is all about it, we want to be different, so we went a step further and got a group of traders and writers to build up content that will innovate FOREX education in a creative way. Then we got together some teachers and lecturers to gain input on what is interactive and digestible when thought. Finally, we got a group of designers to build and animate the content to be visual, interactive, and one of a kind! We have none of these deceptions: No ‘luxury’ marketing (cars, travelling, hotels, watches, etc.) No $100 lot sizes No signal services claiming 90% No brokerage affiliation (IB) No MLM system We don’t need to do all that because we are content with what we have. The unsual thing is that, others intentionally made it too good to be true because only the most gullible people will fall into the trap. We only rely on one type of marketing; that is – our content. Our website and social media only shows you content that is available in the course. You will not find any other that is as good as this. ARTICLE: The delusion of trading FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS faq regarding the series Q: Do you need to have experience prior to joining the program? Yes. Q: Do you need an actual job to join us? We prefer those that are stuck in the 9-5 structure. This is where true consistency and discipline is built. You must love your job, as trading will just be another job. Q: With this program, how long do you need to study the charts? All the days of you life! Trading is hard, it consumes you and wears you down; there is no such thing as spending just a few minutes day, it will consume more time than a 9-5 job. Whoever tells you otherwise is just a liar – trading is more than a job, it is a lifestyle; you live, love, and hate it all at the same time. Q: Can you join if you have zero experience? Yes, but we reserve all the rights to ignore all beginner questions. We are not babysitters and we do not spoon feed. If you need that, then search elsewhere – whoever claims they provide such service probably has too much time. Q: Do you need to commit to the program? We really hope you are committed, this is why our intake rate is the lowest in the trading education market, because we really want to engage with all of you. However, you can go through everything at your own pace. Other communities will target as much students as they can every month, but we try to keep our intake numbers below 10 every month to ensure better communication. Do the math yourself – is it worth it for our team? Q: How are the services delivered? First, you can check out our Library page, it is all explained there. We provide the highest quality education, materials, and services. Q: Do you provide training in terms of coaching and mentorship? Our content was designed to be a self learning journey. But, we will intervene and come in to help through email or extra recordings. Most people misunderstand the difference between coaching and mentoring (go research the definitions yourself). You will find that it is almost impossible to successfully mentor more than one individual at a time. This is why we opt of coaching in our education syllabus, but, still we limit the number of students we get each month. Q: What will you get? A self learning course. We don’t offer mentor-ship, just coaching or guidance IF we want to do it. Q: Why don’t we do introductions to trading? We require that you are experienced in trading prior to joining. If you need an introduction you can always find it for free on the internet. Or you can always go and join another course (not us), especially those that sell their “Full-fledged Price Action Trading Course” – compared to our standards, their full course is just an introduction. faq regarding the methods Q: What do we teach? Do check our Library page, everything is explained there. If it’s too long for you to read, it means you are lazy, and we don’t want to accept you. ​Q: Do we teach Price Action? If so, why do we bash Price Action strategies a lot.​ Yes, we teach Price Action. Price Action comes in many forms – in fact there is no real definition for it, therefore there is no right or wrong. However, almost every other Price Action course out there fails to explain why prices move and describe everything solely on market structure – which is incorrect. ​​Q: So what’s the secret? There is no secret. It is a series of events that take place in the markets that you are to identify. Namely, where are the big orders (origin of imbalance) and where the orders are placed (order flow). These two concepts are all ‘numbers’ – however its activity is painted on the charts and we try to capture it, and… we managed to do so with extreme accuracy. ​​Q: Do we lose trades? Yes we do. This is where ignorant people get confused, they think trading contains zero losses or 90% wins all the time – there is no such thing! We don’t aim for 1:2 risk:reward, our methods keep you at a minimum of 1:5 reward to reward or up to 1:10+ risk:reward, therefore even if you have 90% loses – with good risk management, just one win out of ten is enough to keep you consistently profitable. Q: Can we beat the banks and market makers? No. But we do know how they manipulate the market, and we try to jump in the moment manipulation is completed. You see, we do not know what the financial institutions are doing tomorrow, unless you are working with them. We are limited to the charts and a number of useful tools, if this is not enough – risk management is the key. Q: Do we compound our accounts? No. But we set targets, to be honest, compounding is a method we assume is the culprit to bad risk management. It increases your risk and greed. But we will guide you to make good amount of profits through our methods. Q: Are we consistent? Some of you may be too shallow to comprehend what we are stating here, because you are brainwashed and delusional with all those products out there. So, this depends on how you want to view it, we set targets and goals and work hard to meet it. In performance records, our performance will always have a massive increase in profits (but, this is not suitable for investors). As retailers with personal accounts, YES – because we exercise different strategies/methods of trading and risk management, but these methods barely work with compounding. We call it the OFF-SHOOT margin strategy and it is available in SECTION 1: Winter. If you tweak it a little, you can use it for compounding. As fund managers, NO – because if you’re an investor you won’t be able to accept our strategy. It is low risk for us, but high risk for investors. We are here to help retailers trade better – NOT to help investors. Yeah, it doesn’t make sense until we reveal it to you. That’s because you are stuck in the compounding delusion. Q: What kind of trading do we do? This is where people have a lot to market – scalping, swing trading, position trading, intra-day, and so on. It’s all the same thing! So what kind of traders are we? Any one of it, you can use any kind of strategy and do trading as you please, as long as you understand time-frames and fractals – which we emphasize a lot! However, if you insist: we are stop-loss traders – meaning that we profit because of retailers losses. FAQ regarding services Q: What do you get? ​A self-learning course. The most affordable prices in comparison to the content we provide. In fact, you’ll offer to pay us more after seeing what’s in our Order Series. Q: Do we have any trials or testing pages? No, it is the only good course out there, so no bargaining. Nice to see, nice to hold, once opened – considered sold. We worked very hard on our content, if you have purchased or seen our content, we considered it sold and we would love that we get something for our efforts. However, we have a Library page which you can access. Here, we shuffle the topics we have in our content and update it every now and then. Q: Do we offer money back guarantee? No. This is why we have set-up a Library page. Many claim they do this till you realize it is just some introductory preview – we are the first to offer actual previews of our content so you can understand our content and methodologies even before signing up (purchasing). If the content and preview does not convince you, then don’t join or purchase – it’s as simple as that! So do yourself a favor, go understand what we offer first before joining us. We don’t have time to entertain people that want a quick fix. Q: What support do you get for the coaching program? Technically, there is no mentorship program. But, we are here to help and provide insight whenever needed through our chosen communication platform. This is out of goodwill, so don’t demand our time. This is a self-learning course. Q: Do you get support after purchase? If you have purchased the content and need extra guidance to our content, please read our Method & Instructions under the Library tab. Unless the inquiries you have is not there, then we will gladly attend you. Q: Do you get life-time access? You will only get lifetime access for SECTION 1, 2, and 3 – and also the materials we add on from time to time in our Garden page. However, we regret to inform you that lifetime access to SECTION 4 will be up for a limited time. Future purchases that contain SECTION 4 may not have lifetime access, therefore do not miss the chance to secure your lifetime access for SECTION 4. Q: Do we post articles? Yes. However, this is to be an upcoming feature and still under construction. But this is not our main concern, if applicable, all articles written will be integrated into the content itself. Unless it is not applicable – it will come in the form or an article or video in our Garden page. Q: Besides education, do we provide other services? ​Yes, do check out MINTEDBEES soon (currently under construction). Other than education, we don’t provide other services. We do not provide signals We do not fund manage We are not affiliated to any broker Q: How do you communicate with us? Will we follow the criteria found in our FAQ, Library, or Pricing page; but upon joining, we will send you additional instructions on how you can communicate with us – all through this website only, we are trying to reduce the number of third party solutions. FAQ regarding mintedseed Q: Why are we different? Simple. We don’t lure you in with luxurious lifestyles, cars, million dollar profits, cash, and so on. Our only marketing is our content. Others may show you their trades and charts (we do so too) and profits, to justify their content – without even showing what is in their content – they bring you on a ride with The Great Delusion of Trading. We however, preview our content to you so you can directly compare it with the rest – and, you’ll see there is no comparison. ​ ​Q: When you say ‘our,’ ‘us,’ or ‘we’ who are we referring to? We are referring to MINTEDSEED as an entity. Although founded by an individual, it is meant to be a collective entity. Since its very base idea is derived from a collective crux of traders working together. The founder prefers to call it ‘us’ or ‘we’, as this includes the writers, educators, and designers. MINTEDSEED does not outsource anything. Q: Do we profit from MINTEDSEED and MINTEDBEES? Yes! Why can’t a farmer consume his own harvest? Q: Why do we only accept less than 5 students at a given season (3 months)? Although our program is carefully designed for a self-learning process, we do not have the resources to cater to large numbers. There are so-called mentors out there that claim hundreds of students – come on, give us a break, how do you even communicate? We do not aim to get a thousand sign ups, we could easily do that. But MINTEDSEED is all about real communication – and, the only way to do so is to have less participants at a given time. Q: Can you see results or testimonials? We have many, but no – Why not do your homework and plot our analysis from our social media on your own charts and see the results? One person’s success will not affect another. What difference would it make? It is your decision to choose to join us or not. ​If you find our Library content isn’t enough to convince you, but you could be convinced by a screenshot showing millions of profit – then feel free to go elsewhere, no obligations. What most of you are seeking is just another form of marketing that puts us on the same level as those ‘marketing’ educators. It disgust us as people tend to be too naive. If you need these to convince yourself – there’s a plethora of those ‘performances’ on social media, go join them instead and stay away from our elegance. We trust and believe our product is the best, this is why we ONLY market OUR content, and nothing else. Q: Which broker do we recommend? We are not going to state our preferences. We are not affiliated with any broker or fund managers or signal providers. Q: Do we manage funds? No. If you need funds managed, go to the bank – they have this service that guarantees 3-6% a year, it’s known as fixed deposit. They will use this service (funds) to go against price action traders (hahaha). ​Here, we te

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