Maxwell Maher – The YouTube Code Cracked Download

What You Get:

  1. How to navigate the stress and awkwardness that is your first videos (I even show you some of my terrible first vids.. it’s bad)
  2. How to produce high quality content for all budgets (from under $100 to a full $10,000 studio and everything in-between)
  3. How to set up lights so you don’t look like a gremlin on camera
  4. How to build an audience that actually likes and wants to watch you on a daily basis
  5. How to quickly edit videos and thumbnails like a freaking pro
  6. How to navigate the many ways to monetize your channel (my favorite topic)
  7. What the algorithm wants.. Boy is she an elegant beast that algorithm
  8. And much, much, more. Check out the full curriculum below if you’re still not convinced.

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