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What is MarketLife Premium?

Are you ready to make a commitment to take your trading to the next level?

Do you want in-depth, daily analysis of markets from a seasoned professional—to see all the complexity of real life market situations and to understand how to trade them?

Do you want a set of finely tuned tools that can become an important part of your process?

Are you tired of the “follow me” services and do you want to become a competent, consistently profitable trader?

If so, read on. Let me tell you about MarketLife Premium.

Who is MarketLife Premium For?

A few words separate our clients from everyone else: Serious. Passionate. Committed.

Whatever your background and experience, we can help you get to the next level. Our clients tend to continue their education (we think the free trading course is one of the very best resources out there). We are a piece of your eventual success, but we work hard to be an important piece.

If you’ve had some success and failure in the market, my work might just be the thing that moves you to consistency. For many traders, it has done just that.

What’s Included in MarketLife Premium?

Now, let me tell you a little bit about what you get with the service. You will receive:

  • Weekend analysis videos for both stock and currency markets. Know the big picture, and know where the risks are.
  • Daily updates to keep you advised of important developments and changes.
  • An extensive and deep set of analytical tools, including a carefully curated list of the best set-up stocks in the market.
  • An intraday scanner that can show you what’s really happening as the trading day develops.
  • Ongoing ChartSchool videos which take the motions of the market and extract the important lessons. (Free on YouTube)
  • Weekly Market Outlook: a hard-hitting and compact report that shows you major directional tendencies, money flows, and relative strength for all the major global asset classes—currencies, stocks, stock indexes, and major futures markets.
  • TradeLab: reports that take a market lesson and puts it in the format of an actionable trade idea.

Who am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

Before we go any further, maybe I should tell you a bit about my story.

Have you seen those ads with all the guys who say things like “I was a school teacher and then, three years ago, I discovered how easy it was to make money in stocks?” Or “I hated my day job so I learned how to get rich daytrading penny stocks. Let me teach you too…”

Well, I’m not like those guys. First, I loved my day job and had achieved a high degree of artistry and skill… Second, once I started trading, I learned that it’s actually pretty hard to make money in the market, but it’s possible. I learned that most people focus on the wrong things.

I learned that most people fail, but I also learned why. And I can teach you.

I made all the frustrating mistakes you’ve experienced. (And I probably made some you haven’t discovered yet!) I tried every market and every way to trade. I explored every magical indicator or system. I banged my head against the wall over and over and over again…

Eventually, some people helped me learn, and I owe a lot to those mentors and teachers. I had many successes and setbacks along the way, but, on balance, I was figuring it out. When I had success in one market, I was able to figure out what I did right and carry it to other markets.

Over the years I’ve traded for my own account, for a small fund I put together, for a firm on the New York Mercantile Exchange, for one of the top prop firms in Manhattan; I’ve also traded pretty much everything you can trade: I have traded stocks, futures, currencies, and options, and I’ve traded these in many different ways and with many different techniques.

For most of the past 10 years, I’ve been writing institutional research. My clients have ranged from hedge funds to individual traders to advisors—one of the ways I describe my work is that I have been an advisor to the advisors. I went through a period where I did a lot of media—I’ve been published and quoted in many major publications and did a rotation on television.

Because I’ve been writing institutional research daily for years, my market analysis is rooted in reality and based on things that work. I will help you see through the lies and fearmongering that pass for much of financial journalism, and to sidestep the hysteria and hype of social media.

I firmly believe I can help you become the best trader you can possibly be, and MarketLife Premium is one of the best ways I can help you.

How Will MarketLife Premium Help Me?

There are many ways I can help you. First, you will see my thoughts as the market develops each and every day. I’m not always right—of course not! I don’t have a crystal ball.

You will hear me openly and candidly talk about the uncertainty of the market. You will hear a professional trader’s perspective on different scenarios—how the market might do one thing or another and how we should react.

I believe we need to be very careful what inputs we allow into our analytical process. If you take “stock tips” from some kid who’s been trading a few years (and, by the way, all of those years in a rather simple bull market…), you get one quality of information. If you have the perspective of a seasoned pro who understands the how to structure the insights of discretionary trading with the rigor of quantitative structure, you get something else.

You get something better.

Also, we do get market direction right! I’ve had many of my institutional clients point out that I was one (or in some cases, the only) institutional advisor who held them on track through the long bull market in recent years. We will get the big picture right, and also the shorter swings, more often than not. And we’ll learn how to use being wrong to inform our next steps.

Solid Trade Ideas

You may think this is a funny thing for a guy selling an advisory service to say, but I’ve never seen anyone build consistent success following anyone else’s advice. (I have to tell you this because it is true!) What I mean is you can’t pay someone for calls or system trades, take those trades, and hope to build a career as a trader.

That’s not how it works.

The way it works best is you take other ideas and analyses as inputs into your own process. Take my words and perspectives, but use them to shape your own ideas.

Because I understand this so well (from years of both writing actionable advisory for professionals and working to educate developing traders), my work is automatically designed to help you in this way.

You may have to do a bit more work on your own, but I’ll help you figure out how to do that work. In the end, this is your only path to success.

One of the best things that can happen is for a trader to have some solid wins while learning. Many traders cover the cost of an entire year’s subscription with a single trade. Even more important, you’ll know why you’re making the trade, and how to find similar trades yourself.

What Else Is In MarketLife Premium?

There’s a lot else, but if I walked you through all the details, we’d be here all day. Let me just hit the highlights.

I give you a set of algorithmic screens (or scans) updated every day. I know what you’re thinking: there are a ton of free screeners. I can make my own? What about all these services that let me program my own?

Well, let me just say bluntly: mine are better. Some of those services actually have pieces of my code in their systems. They’ve shared ideas on their blogs that they’ve stolen from my code. That’s ok. They have part of it, but they don’t have everything.

Let me tell you a little story. When Tom and I first talked about starting MarketLife and were discussing what we could offer to people, I showed him these scans. After a few days of watching them, he was like a kid in a candy store. (Tom’s a pretty chill dude. This is pretty close to the most excited I’ve ever heard him about anything!)

He went on and on about how good the scans were, how much time they could save people, how they could cut half an hour of paging through charts down to a few minutes, how focused they were. I just smiled and nodded. I knew because I’ve been using them for well over 10 years.

Every day, you’ll get a set of scans that show you:

  • Stocks that made big volatility adjusted moves. No this isn’t just a “what’s hot” list. Our volatility-adjusted perspective only shows you moves that are significant.
  • A screen that shows you the strongest upward and downward trending stocks. The patterns in these stocks have to be seen to be believed. Oh, also, are you wondering what stocks go up when the market is down, and vice versa? Stop wondering. With this screen, you’ll know.
  • A finely-tuned screen for finding the best pullback candidates.
  • Screens for finding stocks set up to pop and drop.
  • Screens for finding stocks set to snap back in mean reversion.

You can’t find this stuff anywhere else, and then I go one step further: Each day, I, personally, go through these screens and all the important stocks in the market, distill it down to Adam’s List (I showed you some Rockstar performers from that list above), and talk about it in the videos.

There’s a lot more, including an incredibly powerful set of tools that chops the intraday action apart to show you what’s really happening in the market… and, much, much more. But rather than tell you all the details, I want you to see it.

I want you to take my less-than-no-risk trial offer and see it for yourself. (More on the offer below, but, basically, if you hate my work I will refund your money, no questions asked, and then give you more money than you gave me. I will literally pay you to take a look at my work. How many times have you seen that guarantee anywhere else?)

If I sound excited, I am, because I think we’ve created something here that can truly help you along your trading journey.

What do my clients say?

That’s what I think, but let me tell you what people who have seen my work say.

Tom and I created MarketLife so we could reach and help more developing traders. We developed the content and delivery methods based on both my long experience teaching about markets and on the feedback from developing traders.

Some of that feedback was absolutely outstanding. We heard things like “I am going to be a client because I can’t afford not to buy this” or “you should tell people not to place another trade until they’ve learned this stuff.”

Actually, let me give it to you in their own words. Here is what some of my clients say about MarketLife:

  • Adam’s structured, clear and calm way of putting the market action into perspective is very valuable when you are being bombarded by sensational headlines all the time.
  • Adam completely changed my trading behaviors and is influencing my entire life to a great extent… I would indeed recommend his site to any trader.
  • There is A LOT of noise and “half-ass” services out there, but your market perspective is extremely valuable to me (and many others). Why? I’d say that you have a clear understanding of the market and present it in an easily digestible way (for the intermediate trader).
  • You also are the only (credible) person I read/watch that has a directional perspective that I find valid and convincing.
  • Adam’s work changed everything for me, for the first time I can actually make some sense of what happens in the market….
  • I started with the course and have progressed to where I am slightly profitable in a little over three years. No magic here or grand promises. No ridiculous BS about making a million in your 3rd day trading. Just what I feel to be important concepts explained well and with realistic explanations both timewise and moneywise. I use the scans everyday to screen possible positions for watch list and watch all the videos so much so that ML is mentioned in my trading plan as a source to use to further my learning.

My Personal Guarantee

I know you’re probably interested in what I’ve been writing about, but maybe also worried. What if it’s just marketing hype? What if it doesn’t work for you? What if you don’t get it?

In other words, what if you spend your money and time and find out they were wasted?

Look, I’m very confident in the value of my work. I’ve been doing this every day for a long time, and I have a huge (metaphorical) stack of emails from traders telling me how my work has helped them. Still, it might not be for you. There’s always that risk.

I want to take this risk for you. Here’s what I will do:

We start every subscription with a two week trial. We won’t bill your card for a single penny in those two weeks. If you look at the material (and you’ll have immediate access to hundreds of videos [factcheck number] from the past and decide, for whatever reason, it’s not for you just cancel your subscription. You can do it from the website with a click of the button. No questions. No hassle.

However, if you stick around longer and decide you hate the material after we’ve charged you, anytime in the first month, I’m going to give you your money back. Again, no hassle, no questions asked. You’ll have a total of 6 weeks to decide if this is right for you.

If you hate my work, I’m going to give you more than your money back. Yes, that’s right, this is a MORE THAN 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

I call it my “Free Lunch” guarantee:

I’ll refund your money, plus $20. Let me buy you lunch for the trouble of trying my service.

Have you ever seen a guarantee like that before? You could take advantage of my market calls and expertise for over a month, then have me pay you! You could do that, but I don’t think you will.

Making a guarantee like that could cost me a lot of money, and I’d have to be crazy to do it. Right? Well, crazy, or maybe just very good at what I do.

I stand behind the quality of our work at MarketLife 100%, and I’m very confident in that work. I am very good at what I do, and I want you to see how I can help you realize the financial future you want and deserve.

I want you to have this chance, and I will take all the risk to make sure you get it.

But Wait, There’s More…

Of course there is, and the “more” is good stuff. In addition to the free course and everything included in the MarketLife Premium subscription, you will also get:

  • 20 pages of example trading plans from professional traders, hedge funds, and developing traders. See how professionals structure their programs and discipline their trading. This document was previously only available to my private coaching clients and has never been made public. (A $495 value, but having a solid plan is truly priceless for a professional trader.)
  • A pdf document containing all of the charts from my latest book, the Art and Science of Trading: Course Workbook. Having these charts in one document gives you a solid reference. This can be a great way to make notes and use them to further your learning in the course.
  • Preferential, discounted access to new educational courses or product offerings on the site. (We don’t have any offered yet, but are exploring partnerships with a handful of other people and firms with which I have had good personal experience.) You will always have a discount and early access that the public does not have.

Get Started Today

Thousands of people, from all walks of life, have built their fortunes in the market. I’ve shown you some of the mistakes people make, and I’ve given you a powerful (and free) resource for changing your future.

You know you can’t lose with my “Free Lunch” guarantee; if, for whatever reason, you decide this isn’t for you, there’s no risk at all for you.

We live so much of our lives in the day-to-day routine. It’s easy to put off change until tomorrow. I’m asking you make a decision today.

You’re standing at a crossroads. The road to the left is the same thing you’ve always done: reading some books, browsing some groups, maybe making a trade here and there. Some things will work, but, overall, you know you just aren’t making the progress you could make.

That’s what most people do, and that’s the road most people travel. At least if you go that way, you’ll have lots of struggling and failing traders to keep you company.

To the right is a road that far fewer people will choose. It’s not really harder, but it’s different. Leave behind the hype and exaggeration, the false promises of easy profits. Don’t try to make a killing in the market; strive to become a consistently profitable trader. Strive to become a trader.

Making a commitment to learn to trade like a professional, to focus on understanding probability and risk—losing traders don’t do this! They never make a choice, a commitment, like that.

I’m hoping you will choose the right road today. I’m hoping you will join us at MarketLife and see what a difference my work can make in your trading, just like it has for thousands of traders before you. And remember, you are fully covered by my no-risk, unconditional, MORE-than-your-money-back, “Free Lunch” guarantee.

In just a few minutes, you can get immediate access to:

  • The daily insights in MarketReview and FX videos
  • The incredible power of my stock scans and analytics
  • The “x ray vision” of the intraday screens to know what is really happening with the market, each and every trading day.
  • ChartSchool, the series that makes the real world your classroom
  • The concise Weekly Market Outlook to keep you on the right side of the market every week.
  • TradeLab, an action trade idea that is happening “now”
  • Ongoing support with the Free Trading Course, Forum, and Adam’s books
  • And much, much more…

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