Kevin Toch – Orderbook Trader Mentorship Download

Kevin Toch – Orderbook Trader Mentorship Download

Why is our approach unique?

Our unique approach is based on the analysis of market-making activities taken in the context of economic sentiment and Market Macrostructure. Whether you trade from the Depth of Market or not , all market movement starts in the order book! Here are the 3 key aspects of our approach:

Trade the Order Book using our Proprietary Techniques

Trade the Market Microstructure and learn our Adaptive Scalping Trading methods. Our approach based on reading Market Making and Liquidity Providing activities give us a competitive market edge. In 2 minutes of observation of the order book, we determine the directional pressure, the level of control, the volatility and choose the appropriate strategy among our proprietary strategies refined during 20 years of practice.

News and Market Sentiment

One of the most difficult things in trading is determining Market Sentiment. Learn what is the current market focus and mood. Understand what economic news or speeches are moving the market in the current context. Learn how to capitalize on the Surprise Factors- generated by economic news. Combine this skill with your Order Book reading skill for rock-solid trading ability.

Market Macrostructure and Context

Learn a solid daily prep routine! Determine what macrostructure environment we are in. Be prepared to react on stop zones, where liquidity manipulation is likely. Determine if the Institutions will be active during the session and Where. Learn how to integrate a solid market preparation before facing today’s session. Use correlations and relative value to determine who are the current leaders and followers and which markets are setting the tone. Every day the market preparation routine will allow you to be on the top of your game!


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