Karen Foo – Star Traders Forex Intermediate Course I

Karen Foo – Star Traders Forex Intermediate Course I

traders who are looking to trade with a simple and proven strategy with confidence and precision.

A lot of traders lose in trading because they over-complicate their strategies or they don’t have a proven trading plan that will help them develop the discipline to generate consistent profits.

In this course, you’ll not only learn how to become an independent trader, you will also learn how to exit the trade at appropriate levels to better manage your risk.

What Will I Learn

  • How to use candlesticks in the right context for entry

  • Spotting false candlestick signals

  • Confirmation indicators for candlesticks trading

  • How to use indicators the right way & spot the false signals

  • Spotting legit & false breakouts

  • Picking the right indicators to suit your trading personality

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