ITPM – The Emergency Trading Room Portfolio Repair from Covid-19 Download

The Emergency Room and Portfolio Repair from COVID 19
3 Weeks Live Webinar March-April 2020.

Survive & Win! . Whether you have a Trading Account, 401k, IRA, pension.., it doesn’t matter. We will help you through this difficult time in Financial Markets.
Featuring: Anton Kreil, Ross Williams, Jason McDonald, Raj Malhotra, Anthony Iser
What’s it all about?
Capital preservation, survival, making money.
Everyone on the calls will have differing circumstances
We hope to add value
But it will require action on your part to where necessary
Through demonstration we will show you how YOU can add value to your portfolios in a difficult market
Daily Market updates with moves in key instruments and what it means for portfolio’s
Daily Analysis of Macro events and interpretations and what it means for portfolio’s
Daily agendas to discuss case studies and show how trades will work
You will have to listen intently during each hour because we move fast!

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