HFT Prop Firm EA

HFT Prop Firm EA

HFT Prop Firm EA (Green Man) is a EA designed to pass challenges or evaluations of prop firm (proprietary trading firm) that allow use of High Frequency trading technique. In most case, one can get a funded within 1 day and some cases, hitting profit target within 1 hour is commonly achievable.

HFT Prop Firm EA is able to hit profit target within a short period of days with very low drawdown.  We use special HFT strategy that detect large movements and employ stop loss to protect your equity. It has build-in equity protector which will stop the EA once the profit target is met
It comes with a power profit based money management strategy, this unique features enable you to reach challenge profit target faster without incurring extra high drawdown, we call it Profit Ratio Money Management (PRMM).  This bot starts working in late Asian trading session to late New York Session, possibly make 100% profit on prop firm HFT evaluation account and able to pass prop firm HFT evaluation account with less then 1 hour.

Backtest:  (default setting with Symbol: US30, Date: Do not tick Use Date, Timeframe: M1, Spread: 100 to 160. Contact me via PM if you have issue backtest it)

I have tested HFT Prop Firm EA to pass the below prop firms:
Fast Forex Funding (1 Phase, 7.5% discount code, ask me)
Infinity Forex Funds (HFT Limited /Algo/HFT, 10% discount code:  P5NET10 )
Nova Funding (1-Step, 5% discount code: ask me)
Quantec Trading Capital (One/Two Step Challenge, 10% discount code: P5NET10)
Kortana Fx (15% to 25% Discount Code: ask me)

Possible to pass:
Social Trading Club
M Solutions
MDP Fundings

Not recommended/not supported:
Next Step Funding (a fake hft prop firm with high slippage)

Other Prop firms, other brokers, and all funded prop firms:
Not recommended
Not supported

Please check out at trustpilot.com and other sources for the reviews of prop firms and do your own diligence checks on prop firms before you signup with them and before buying my EA.

Points to note:

  • Use of VPS is necessary. Latency less then 30ms is ok, however, latency with 5 or less then 5msec is highly preferred. The lower the latency, you will be able to meet your profit target sooner.
  • Timeframe: 1 Minute or 5 Minute
  • Symbol: US30 (DJ30, WS30), GER30 (DE30) or other indices which your prop firm offers. US30 setfiles is provided upon purchase activation of the EA.
  • This is NOT a martingale EA, NOT a grid EA.
  • It opens one trade at 1 time only, it close a trade before opening another one.
  • Every trade has a stop loss settings.
  • HFT Prop Firm EA is intended to use to pass HFT prop firm evaluations and challenges, it is NOT tested to work with  other type of challenges, funded prop firm account nor live/real broker accounts

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