Hannah EA

Hannah EA

HannahEA, is purely based in the following core concept.

Order blocks
“An Order Block is a technical analysis technique that tracks the accumulation of orders (when bullish) and distribution of orders (when bearish) of banks and institutional traders, such as Central banks. ”

This technique has proven to be super reliable being one of the most secure ways of trading in the present. Here, patience is great skill.

We wanted to give power to the trader, to also make it’s own trades based on the strategy that the Hannah is using. We came up with a Template to be distributed along with Hannah, indicators and set files, it’s included along with your purchase!’.

HannahEA works in the following way:

  • Identify order blocks:
  • Wait until the price reaches the mentioned zone
  • Use a regression channel to refine the entry point for the trade
  • Analyze the current volatility to be sure if it makes sense to open the trade.
  • Open a one shot trade, NO martingale.

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