Greezly Bot Pro

Greezly Bot Pro

1.Automated trading advisor
2. The best results on the EURUSD pair, but you can also adjust the settings for any other instruments,
3.Use a timeframe from m1 to m15.
4. The Expert Advisor trades using the averaging method, smoothly and safely increasing the volume!
5. To direct the trade, the EA uses candlestick analysis.

6. The safest option, use 0.01 lots for every $1500-2000

7. To reduce risks, I advise you to change the step after 4 trades by 300 pips and after 6 trades by 500 pips
8.Conservative adviser with 14 years of experience!
9. Consider the recommended deposit based on the desired yield!

10. There will be drawdowns in trading, this is normal, the robot will skillfully exit them, this takes time.

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