Gold Trade Pro MT4 EA

Gold Trade Pro MT4 EA

old Trade Pro joins the club of Gold trading EA’s, but with one big difference: this is a real trading strategy.

What do I mean with “real trading strategy”? As you probably have noticed, almost all Gold EA’s on the market are simple grid/martingale systems, that add trades when the market goes against the initial position.

They are often disguised as “neural network/AI/Machine learning”, but if you are a bit experienced in forex and EA’s, you can easily identify them as simple grids and martingale systems, which are very risky.

While that type of strategy might look nice in backtests (straight line up, often even manipulated in the tests to get more sales), they always, without exception, fail in the end with a margin call and wiping out the complete trading account.

I see it happen over and over again. Why? Because Gold is a very volatile instrument, and a big move against a grid/martingale setup will happen in the future, despite the beautiful backtests.

Don’t fall for the “perfect backtest” EA’s… a straight line up does not exist in real trading, so if the backtest looks too good to be true, it always is.

This is where Gold Trade Pro differs. It does not use any risky trading style, but a rather simple trading strategy based on breakouts of daily support and resistance levels. This strategy is very effective for a volatile pair such as Gold.

Each trade has a TP and SL from the start, and the EA will use a trailing SL to minimize risk and maximize profits if price starts moving in the right direction.

Gold trade Pro has 7 different strategies already build in, that work seamlessly together. The result is a very stable growth curve, with some losses here and there as well (but at least not manipulated to trick you.)

I provide honest EA’s, with proven strategies.

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