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I am a forex trader that lives and breathes the best foreign exchange trading knowledge that exists on this planet, this knowledge and skill set I have become to know & use, is the experience from that of theinnercircletrader I have also studied Chris Lori’s work, Larry Williams & other exceptional traders books. Ultimately it has been myself who has put in the hard work, time & devotion to become that better trader having 1 strategy that I created from all the knowledge and hands on experience

I started trading Forex on a professional bases after around 4 years into my education, It was May 2012 I left my day to day job in order to learn for 2 years, I had enough money to survive on for 2 years IE buy food and pay bills while studying for the years to come, It was around 4 years later that I moved into the more profitable stage of trading Forex. As it is today in 2017 I am very much happy with my decision to learn a totally different career.

The further I studied and the more I traded using the right concepts and discipline, the closer I became to more consistency within my trading.

Yes I have lost money trading, yes I have used a lot of time trading & yes I still trade…. most traders probably give up or slow down from educating themselves due to lack of knowledge and commitment or simply maybe it’s just not for them.

If however you do have that passion & desire to make something new for yourself and you are still learning, then my advice is don’t stop if you feel you have what it takes to be a full-time trader. You do not need a lot of money to trade with as a newbie, if you are less than 3 years experienced trading every week, then I suggest having little funds in your account until you understand capitol risk control and how to manage your equity steadily.

Knowing how to make and lose trades is one thing, controlled management of your equity is another, alongside your own personal mind set, 3 major factors a trader needs in he’s or her’s arsenal program.

Position Trading Videos – Higher time frame targets

OSOK Trading Videos – Intra-day

Intra-day Trading Videos – live trade videos

Bias Model Series – How to identify a trending market

Signature Series – Additional material

Linker Series – A highly informed series that details the very thing you are looking for (super user content only)


Coming to Gdayfx in 2022

Gdayfx is a very experienced trader amongst Forex and Crypto asset classes. He has currently made the decision to enable super users to the website. What does this mean? Well currently full access members are set to a specific registration criteria that enables the full access members to see every page and/or link to this website, however there is another tier of membership that Gdayfx can provide to a current full access member, though for this to happen, gdayfx really needs to trust that member and get to know that member on a professional level before accepting him or her as a super user to this website. Currently there are no super user pages created with video presentations on them for super users as I write this here now in October 2021. If you are reading this after this date, then its likely gdayfx is working on or has finished the super user criterias and is or has emailed that information out to the full access members. You must understand that any full access member must have been a full access member for at least six months before complying to the super user content. What benefit will the Super User registered user give you as a trader? Answer, the absolute best of the best, the very things that turn traders into professional traders that can trade the market like they want to.

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