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Vision of FX Simplified.

First of all, we want to say that we don’t sell any Signals. We show our taken trades but not more because we believe that the success in trading is not on Signals. 

The goal, for us, is to make everybody who is willing to put in the work now a successful trader. 

We probably were at the same stage as you at some point. We have done it, so why can’t you?

What are the benefits of our Membership?

We know that the markets are not random and that there is a reason behind every move. Everybody can learn this and with our community you are on the right path to achieve this.

Forex Course

Full course content which, we constantly update each week. From Supply / Demand to Entry types, we can show you everything.

Risk / Mindset

Improve your mindset and your Risk management with our Team. Our goal is to provide you with a strategy that can bring you wealth over many years.


Discord member community with organized channels and group chats / voice chats. Share your analysis with experienced traders to improve your view on the Forex Market

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