Futures Flow – Footprint Day Trading Blueprint

Futures Flow – Footprint Day Trading Blueprint

This day trading blueprint is designed to help traders of all levels improve their skills and increase their profits. Through a combination of video lessons, interactive exercises, and real-time practice sessions, the blueprint provides a comprehensive learning experience that covers all the essential concepts and strategies of day trading through footprints.


Introduction / Setup

Welcome To The Futures Flow Day Trading Blueprint!
Futures Flow 1.06 Template
How To Add Template
How to Setup Your Workspace
Introduction To The Basics of Footprints
How To Setup ATMS
10% Rule
Calendar For Success
Calendar for Success Template
Why I Use TDU

Finding High Confluence Setups

Importance Of Full Confirmation Plays
Confirmation Replay

Strategy #1 – Delta Trap

Delta Trap Graphic Lesson
Delta Trap Replay
Delta Trap Live

Strategy #2 – Continuous POC

Continuous POC Graphic Lesson
Continuous POC Replay
Continuous POC Live

Strategy #3 – Market Sweeps

Market Sweep Graphic
How To Spot A Stop Loss Hunt
Market Sweeps Live
Market Sweep Strong Filtering

Tips and Tricks

Ratios Graphic
Exhaustion Confluence
Extreme POC
Strong Vs Weak Breakouts

Risk Management / Psychology

Times To Trade
Importance of Calculated Risk

Market Review Sessions

Market Session Review 12/27/22
Market Session Review 12/29/22
Market Session Review 1/05/23
Market Review Session 1/10/23
Market Review Session 01/17/23
Market Review Session 01/24/23

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