Forex Earth Robot

Forex Earth Robot

Forex Earth Robot is a fully automated EA. No human intervention is needed. Just place it on a chart, adjust the settings for your particular account, and it trades by itself. Forex Earth Robot operates on any Forex broker using the MetaTrader 4 platform.

This is a professional software that provides stable automatic income of 10% – 25% per month.

  • FER – ORTUS does not use grid or martingale.
  • FER – ORTUS work with stop loss and take profit at each position.
  • FER – ORTUS has function closing unprofitable positions, without waiting for stops, and system reverse position on the opposite signal.


ADX indicator added to FER – ORTUS. Entry into position is carried out after breakdown price range for a given number 32 bars in the direction opposite to the breakdown. In order to prevent trade against the trend, the input signals are filtered by ADX on H4 chart.

Top features

  • Very high win percent rate
  • Low drawdown
  • Profitability shown through real time test
  • Trades all types of accounts (standard, mini, micro)
  • Operates on any MT4 broker, including ECN brokers.
  • Operates on 4 or 5 digit MT4brokers
  • Operates on any MT4 broker, regulated by NFA.
  • Operates with advanced money management system
  • Easy to install

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