Forex Chasers – FX Chasers 3.0 Download

What you’ll get:

Access to Private 3.0 RELOADED Chat Room (Valued at $497)

Access to Premium Signals Chat room (Value $97)

8 Dedicated 1/1 Sessions with Personal Mentor (30-60Min) (Value $997)

Daily Live Trading sessions with Mentors ( Value $199)

Dedicated 24/7 – Mentor assigned to you (Value $347)

The Journey To R100 Million Book – (PDF Version) (Value $15)

Bonus offers:

Assist in getting fund trading Proprietary Firm

24/7 Access to 4.0 Course with over 60 Hours of Video Materials

4+ Advanced Trading Strategies

Weekly Monday Live session with Lesiba Mothupi

Includes all Forex Chasers Trading Materials: (Study Guide , Forex Chasers Guidance Book ,Trading Plan)

The Forex Chasers team consists of highly skilled individuals who specialize in different fields to give all clients the best quality service they need. We develop relationships that make positive changes in our client’s lives, we provide professional services, premium value, services of high virtue in the most decent, and honest way possible.


Which broker do you recommend and minimum deposit requirements ?

What lot size is recommend and which leverages to use?

Well lot sizes depends on your accounts as if you have a hundred dollar account or less, do not exceed a lot size of 0.02 and I suggest you stick to leverage of 1:500.

How do you control your emotions when trading?

I have studied how the market moves for the past few years with my years of data and that allows me to understand that the market is not perfect and that I am consistent in the long term. This is a section I even teach in my Premium course so instead of you having to do the same and invest years. You can literally learn about it with just one video.

What motivated you to keep going?

The fact that we have been broke for multiple years at home and it was painful seeing my mom go thru what we have been through. I mean we onced lived in a garage as a family so that was just a painful situation so I told myself I will give this a shot and even if I fail I have nothing to lose at the end and everything I can ever dream of to gain.

How much did you start your first account with?/How much do you recommend to start with?

I have a full youtube video covering this topic so make sure to check my youtube channel out, I started with $22 dollars and obviously did not go well. So I had to hustle money and we grew a 171 Pound account to over 3200 Pound which allowed me to fund more of my account. I recommend you start with $250.

How does forex chasers work?

We provide you with high quality knowledge on you being able to understand how forex works and instead of you testing the markets on what works which will take years to do, We give you all information we have came across our journey in the Fx world so you can easily make consistent profits with less than 2 hours working a day. We have a professional mentorship program and also offer signal services so you execute trades with us while learning. With that being said you giving the advantages to work 1/1 with our mentors anytime.

Do you offer account management/investments?

We do not offer any investments or account management as our goal at Forex Chasers is to help individuals acquire a skill that will give them long term wealth instead of us just being in charge of your finances which we believe you are the one that is responsible for your financial status.

Do you offer a warranty or refund policy?

Since we have members that buy our products or services and download the materials only to request a refund, we have stopped giving those. But if you genuinely want a refund and it has not past certain days we can give that out because we take it as you just noticed that what you bought is not for you.

Is it possible for your trading strategy to sometimes go wrong?

Is it possible for your trading strategy to sometimes go wrong?

Yes you can never find a 100% winning strategy otherwise it would have been just a few trades away from being a billionaire in dollars. Strategies do go wrong only for just a few trades but in a great number of trades my strategy is profitable and makes me money with my members as well that grew small accounts massively and others now making a living trading forex.

What is the number one characteristic that successful traders should have?

Dedication to keep on pushing even when things are not working out. And the patience to believe that it eventually will work out one day.

Which timeframe should be used with the signals/recommend timeframe for entering trades?

Signals do not need timeframes as all you do is to enter the entries, stops and targets that is given to you. Thou I execute my trades from the 1Hr timeframe.


Can you please give me a discount ?

I run promotions every now and then so I believe you will get to have the discount you want. Just make sure you are in the Telegram group so you get notified when I run a promotion.

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