Finviz Masterclass – Stock Trading Software

Finviz Masterclass – Stock Trading Software

1 – Finviz Basics
2 – Finviz Charting
3 – Finviz Scanner
4 – Conclusion

Unlock the full potential of Finviz, one of the most powerful financial visualization tools available. Whether you’re an investor, trader, or financial enthusiast, this masterclass will guide you through every feature of the Finviz software, ensuring you can harness its capabilities to make informed decisions in the financial markets.

About the Instructor:

Robb Reinhold is a professional proprietary trader and Head Trader at Maverick Trading and Maverick Currencies.   He instructs from a wealth of 25+ years of experience in Stock, Option, Forex &  Crypto Trading. Since Maverick Trading’s traders are trading with the firm’s capital, they need to make sure they have the best tools and know how to use them as a professional.  Proprietary traders keep 70-80% of the profits the generate for the firm so they need to be experts at using their trading tools to maximize their trading strategies.   See how professional traders use Finviz to help them generate monthly profits.  To see if you qualify to trade for Maverick Trading as a prop trader, please go to the conclusion session to see if prop trading is right for you.  Links in the Conclusion Session to start an application to speak with a recruiter to trade Maverick capital.

What You’ll Learn:

1. Introduction to Finviz: Understand the history, purpose, and core functionalities of Finviz.

2. Navigating the Interface: Get familiar with the layout, tools, and key sections of the platform.

3. Stock Screener Mastery: Dive deep into the screener tool, learning how to filter stocks based on various criteria and interpret results.

4. Advanced Charting Techniques: Discover how to customize and interpret Finviz charts for technical analysis.

5. Futures & Forex Visualization: Explore the world of futures and forex through Finviz’s unique visual tools.

6. News & Analysis: Stay updated with the latest financial news and learn how to integrate this information into your trading strategy.

7. Portfolio Management: Organize, track, and analyze your investments using Finviz’s portfolio tools.

8. Insider & Institutional Trading Insights: Decode the moves of big players in the market and use this information to your advantage.

9. Custom Alerts & Notifications: Set up personalized alerts to never miss a market move.

10. Integrating with Other Tools: Learn how to combine Finviz with other financial tools and platforms for a holistic trading approach.

Who This Course is For:

– Beginners who are new to Finviz and want a comprehensive understanding.

– Intermediate users looking to delve deeper into advanced features.

– Experienced traders and investors aiming to optimize their use of Finviz for better results.

– Financial analysts and professionals seeking to integrate Finviz into their workflow.

Course Features:

Hands-On Tutorials: Step-by-step walkthroughs of every feature.

Real-World Examples: Apply what you learn to actual market scenarios.

Interactive Assignments: Test your knowledge and reinforce your learning.

Downloadable Resources: Cheat sheets, guides, and more to aid your Finviz journey.

Lifetime Access: Revisit the course anytime and stay updated with future additions.

Join the Finviz Masterclass today and transform the way you view and analyze the financial markets!

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