Fibonacci Swing Trader v2.0 By Frank Paul Download

Fibonacci Swing Trader is both a foundation course and an advisory service, either of which can be purchased together or separately. Presented by way of fully narrated, richly illustrated content, meticulously compiled by one of our most popular mentors, Frank Paul, the foundation course is available via online access and/or DVD set for permanent reference. All aspects of this eminently practical trading method are explained clearly and comprehensively, providing you the foundation to become an expert-level Swing Trader as quickly as you can roll up your shirtsleeves to master the content.


The V2 course is provided by way of 10 comprehensively narrated and illustrated modules having a combined running time of about 710 minutes – that’s almost 12 hours of detailed instruction! Most training resources on the market today would either charge a fortune for content that deep, or for the same price offer a lot less. Truly, our intention with this offering is to provide unsurpassed value for money.

The 10 individual modules comprising the foundation course are listed below. Simply click the links below to watch a brief preview from each of the modules:

  • Module 1 – Introduction: What It’s All About
  • Module 2 – Chart Layout: Tools, Indicators & Annotations Used
  • Module 3 – The Triple Screen: Both a Scanning Tool and Entry Trigger
  • Module 4 – Drawing Retracement Coordinates: Swing Points and Fibonacci Confluences
  • Module 5 – Rules, Rules, Rules: Entering and Exiting the Trade Smartly
  • Module 6 – Difficult Setups: How to Avoid Them
  • Module 7 – Scaling Up and Down: Position Trading
  • Module 8 – Scaling Up and Down: Day Trading
  • Module 9 – Scaling Up and Down: Scalping
  • Module 10 – Four Sample Trades: Applying the Method

Fibonacci Swing Trading offers you, the trader, the following benefits:

  • Routine method: Learn to do it correctly once and you do it the same way every time – potentially, for the rest of your trading career!
  • Quasi-mechanical application: No guessing or ambivalence about where, when, why or how to get out of the trade.
  • Superior Reward/Risk performance: Always better than 2:1 minimum target, usually looking for 3:1 up to 10:1 or better.
  • Sound system logic: Taking profit on a split position at levels that are usually quite attainable in a trending market.
  • Trading only with the trend: Based on the mantra of ‘buy the dips, sell the rallies’ – putting yourself in the path of least resistance.
  • Cash flow: Taking profits more regularly than would a Position Trader.

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