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First things first, this course includes theory, practice — and live markets. It’s for anyone interested in Futures Trading, Forex Trading, Financial Trading, Options Trading, Scalp Trading (scalping), Day Trading, Bitcoin Trading, Swing Trading, Position Trading, Investing and those traders who are tired of not being successful and are ready to do something about it. Please watch two hours of FREE preview lectures to get the exact real idea of what this course is all about. Please pay close attention to free BONUS lecture in final section to know exactly what I am offering you for FREE along with ALL this 16.5 hours of course material!


  • Stoyan – Nov 2021: “You will not find a more valuable course than this. I have studied Wave theory and learned from some of the best, such as Sir Jeffrey Kennedy, and I have great respect for him. Now, I can safely say that I have great respect and great respect for Mr. Mudassar. He is a man who has worked hard to create this great course. It doesn’t matter if you are familiar with Elliott’s theory or not, you must take this course! I highly recommend it!”Valuable information, Clear explanations, Engaging delivery, Helpful practice activities, Accurate course description, Knowledgeable instructor.
  • Mohd Saiful Bahry Mat Jusoh – Oct 2021: 3-4 (years) ago, I was fed up with Elliott Waves because most of the Elliott Waves I found over the internet was wrong and not so deep. Then I stopped using it until I found this course and this course opened my eyes and changed my perspective about Elliott Wave principle. For those who seriously want to know Elliott Wave principle in right and proper way, this course is for you. But make sure you finish this course and take it seriously because you need to hard work and absorb the knowledge and practice this true Elliott Wave principle. Thank you sir Mudassar.
  • Dylan Langley – Jun 2021: Great course. Everything was in great detail and accurate. The great thing about this course that was an added bonus that I like is that it has practical application by using recent charts to apply Elliott Waves on. I’ve been searching for a great course on Udemy that covers Elliott Waves and found this one that beats all the others. This is a very interactive course with charts for the students to label after each section. Also the instructor is very responsive to questions and leave feedback on assignments.
  • Lovish Singla – Oct 2021: “I think this is the best course I’ve ever done…. you will get shocked by seeing the beauty of E.W.P. and how things work perfectly according to this theory…… Honestly, I learned a lot from this course… from now on, he is my guru and mentor…. Don’t think twice guys!! This is what you are looking for… He has put a lot of efforts in this course. He literally deserves more value for this course…. Thank you so much sir for making this course!!!
  • Clement Li – Oct 2021: “I started learning Elliott Waves 12 years ago by reading books, but with little progress. Only now with this course I made significant improvements in making sensible wave counting. Teacher, thank you!
  • Ahmed Kilany – Sep 2021: “This instructor was AMAZING. Super easy to follow and understand, thank you…
  • Julius Lo – Sep 2021: “Great course. Very sincere teacher. Using simple language and examples to explain complicated topics. Thank you Teacher Mudassar!
  • Sam Cajilog – May 2021: This is the best course. I have finally understood how Elliott Waves work. Awesome course. Sir, I appreciate how generous and well you teach EW. I recommend this trading course 100%.
  • Mzamo Mbona – Jul 2021: The instructor has deep understanding of the Wave Principle, and he has presented it very well. I think I am now aware of how I can use it in my trading. Thank you. It was worth every minute of it.


It was afternoon of October 16, 2019. I was sitting in my home-office, having my coffee and analyzing the price charts as my routine work when suddenly, I saw something very shocking approaching this world. I came up with three highly probable scenarios for the near future of major US markets like NASDAQ-100 (the index of top 100 technology companies of the USA) and all three scenarios were screaming a CRASH! I somehow got sad after seeing the possible and highly probable future in advance. I posted my analysis publicly and shut down my PC for rest of the day.

(The real charts with analysis are shown in the last lecture of this course, i.e. Free preview Bonus lecture)

I closed my office and went downstairs to watch TV with my kids. Later that day, at dinner table, I told my family about the upcoming crash in US markets which, in turn, will crash other global markets. My wife asked me about the implications of such crash. I said that maybe we would witness the world war-III or something very destructive and similar to WW3 because that’s what big market crashes bring with them.

Days passed by and the market follows the lines I had drawn on the chart of NASDAQ. Only about 3 months later, we saw news about some new disease originated in China called the Corona virus disease. There was a panic around the world. Thousands of people were dying of Corona every day worldwide. Every business was shutting down and of course, the markets had crashed exactly in the same manner as I had already predicted some 3 months earlier.

The basis for my analysis? Solely the Elliott Wave Principle (EWP)!

EWP really have true value of providing a Context to price action and a prediction ability up to great extent!

Please pay attention!

  • Do you feel the Confidence that I had in my analysis about an upcoming Crash?
  • Why would a stock market crash bring world-war or a global pandemic, isn’t it the other way around (i.e. world-war or global pandemic would bring a market crash)? Well, this is the topic for another day!

This is where I honestly tell you that not all 100% of my analysis realize like this but 80 to 90% really do and the precision and accuracy is Amazing! For example, just to mention a few, I picked the exact bottom in GOLD at around $1046 per ounce in Nov-2015, picked the bottom in BITCOIN at around $4000 per coin in Mar-2020, picked the bottom in Crude Oil at around $6 per barrel in Apr-2020 etc.

(Please watch FREE preview BONUS lecture of this course, to see the real charts with my analysis as a Proof!)

Hi, I am Engineer Mudassar (MSc.) and I’m honored to serve as your Elliott Wave mentor!

Welcome to “Elliott Wave Principle – Trade and Invest with Confidence!” and I’m glad you are interested in my course.

As a fact, most of the traders using the Elliott Waves out there are doing it in a complete wrong way and this makes me sad but it also gave me the passion to teach the legitimate, authentic and proper Elliott Wave trading strategy to the world.

I, myself learned the EWP properly when I wrote my research thesis on the subject of “The Elliott Wave Principle and Investment Decisions” for my MSc. degree back in 2013-2015 in BAU-Istanbul. Since then, I have mastered the EWP as my only analysis/trading methodology. I have learned from the best mentors in the world like Sir Robert Prechter Jr., Sir Jeffrey Kennedy, Sir Wayne Gorman, (Late) Sir Dick Diamond and more, by watching 10,000+ hours of lectures and by reading dozens of books written by them.

Because I had quickly realized in the beginning of my trading career that the right and fastest way to learn to trade successfully is to find truly authentic, qualified, expert and experienced mentor. Doing so, was the best decision of my professional life!


If you are not a trader or investor already, let me tell you a few reasons why trading/investing in financial markets can be the BEST business;

  • Anyone with any background can LEARN & DO it.
  • You can start trading with as low as $100 investment.
  • No need to rent an office or shop. Can be done from anywhere, anytime.
  • No inventory required because there are no products.
  • No paper work. Instant returns because you convert Trades into Cash.
  • Minimal time required and it’s YOU who set the hours.
  • No need to search for customers because it’s heavily Liquid market.
  • No employees required (until a point when you want to grow it to Fund Management Company).

And if you are already a trader then you must have been searching for the best Trading Course or Trading Strategy.

Well, during the creation of this course, I browsed this same topic as well but sadly, most of what I found is a jargon because I personally think that learning candlestick patterns by paying hundreds of dollars is a waste!

Listen, to be successful in the field of trading, you must learn some solid and genuine method and during my research, I went through many PhD research papers written on EWP because this is not only a trading strategy but a genuine analytical model with a lot of academic value. After testing it for years, I have found out that this methodology is the ONLY legit one and it’s the mother of technical analysis!

It’s the best decision you can make for your trading and investing future right now!


Lack of education or improper education of instructors!

Trading and investing is a highly rewarding business. That’s why the number of online traders is growing exponentially. But unfortunately, 95% of these new traders fail in practical trading because either they did not get Proper Education or maybe they wanted to see millions in their bank by the end of first trading year which didn’t happen. So eventually they quit trading and most of them start teaching other novice traders how to trade. You can imagine the consequences!

There are thousands of trading courses available but very few have real value to add into your trading career life! New traders trade using others’ ideas and lose money then blame the idea. You better learn to analyze charts by yourself!

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” – Chinese quote

I want to teach you for the lifetime the true essence of the EWP and how to trade and invest using this EXCELLENT method!


Well, you have two options;

  1. You can learn from someone who himself never learned it properly but watched a couple of videos and read a book, failed in practical trading so went on to teaching others. OR
  2. You can learn from a Credible Expert with a university degree on the subject of “Elliott Wave Principle”, who really trades with real money successfully and people respectfully asks for his analysis on regular basis because they trust his knowledge and a decade of practical experience that he has! And that’s me.

Trading and EWP is my Passion! I am a full time trader, means I trade for living. I am also a mentor, trusted and followed by thousands of traders and investors around the world. I have already helped 1000+ traders fall in love with the Elliott Waves and I can do the same for you! I know these lessons will add confidence to your trading and investing. And I’m thrilled to provide this priceless material to you at very Low Price! Know that my colleagues and students have always found my teaching style to be friendly, interactive and impressive and my lessons to be very much valuable!

  • Altaf Boghani – Aug 2021: This is it folks for investors/traders who are beginning their journeys on learning Elliott wave analysis. Rana is a great teacher, a born teacher. Why do I say that, well you will find out when you take his course that he enjoys teaching this course. It is not a nuisance but his breadth of coverage shows that he truly wants you to learn Elliot wave analysis. I loved it.

I’ll do my best to make it worth your Time and Money!


The EWP is the key to market behavior. It is the hidden engine behind price movements. It’s the authentic and confirmed set of Patterns. It categorizes the price action into two types: the Trend called as “Motive waves” and the Counter-Trend called as the “Corrective waves”. EWP can tell you if price trend is in its initial stage, in the middle or in its final stage. It can also tell you whether a Price Reversal is about to happen or the price is setting stage for huge spike, price gaps etc. It can also tell the size and degree of current or upcoming trend!

There Is No More Guessing the Direction of Trend — Problem Solved!

“I have never seen a market unfold in other than an Elliott Wave pattern.” – Robert Prechter – US Trading Championship Winner (1984)

It’s the only tool that can predict the market Tops and Bottoms with to-the-tick Precision. The EWP is the best Timing tool for traders and investors! To use the EWP, all you need is a price chart, that’s it!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, this course will help you develop a personal, specialized trading plan and strategy.

EWP works on All Timeframes and All Markets which I practically show you in the lectures!


Well, in this course, I have practically taught beyond the basic knowledge of EWP because I think learning the basics of EWP alone is not enough!

This is a full video course broken up into 11 sections with 45 lectures and an article plus 25 assignments for practice and more. Lectures are in simple plain English, very easy to understand, ranging in length from 10-50 minutes depending on the topic.

Stocks, FOREX, Crypto, Bonds, Futures, Options, Stock Markets, Crude Oil, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Alt coin — whatever you trade or want to learn to trade, this course will make you simply the BEST at analyzing to trade it!

Here are the details of what I teach you in this course with practical examples on price charts:


You will learn the general knowledge about financial markets, trading, trading psychology, the right mindset and the broad concept of EWP.


You will learn the core concepts of EWP with real-time examples on price charts of different markets at different time-frames. Usually three examples for each topic. I have tried my best to give at least one example from each asset class!


You will learn how to bridge the gap between theory and practical trading on your own. You’ll take the analytical knowledge you’ve gained from sections 1-9 and learn how to apply it for an effective trading strategy. You’ll learn the best Elliott wave patterns to target, how to time your Entry/Exit and how to build a trading plan that minimizes risk and maximizes profits. I practically trade in front of your eyes by risking only 2% of my equity to gain about 44% profits and all is done very safely and conservatively over a period of 15 days.


In this final section, first I teach you how to thoroughly and holistically analyze any price chart from scratch in any market, in order to find the best, safest and highly probable trading/investing setups.

Then as a BIG BONUS, I offer you to join for FREE my private platform (dedicated only for my registered students) where I and you would be sharing the knowledge, trade ideas and my labeled price charts and discuss the different possible and probable scenarios for different instruments in order to spot highly probable trading opportunities. So in simple words, we analyze and trade together! This is a huge bonus if you pay attention because you will have ME sitting virtually next to YOU throughout your education and trading journey where you have the opportunity to get my chart analysis on regular basis, from almost all markets and all time-frames. So,

  • You get lifetime opportunity of my mentor-ship! Your Questions, My Answers!
  • General productive chat with other like-minded students, traders and investors.
  • You get the opportunity to join my business based on your Elliott Wave skills.
  • And you get very useful and valuable resources regarding trading that include soft copies (PDFs) of the books and a number of websites, movies, seasons and documentaries on trading and investing. All of these resources are very important to develop Trading Mindset and Discipline and these resources are yours for FREE!

Come on, what else can you wish for?


I wish you the best and fruitful learning. I also wish you Success in both Bullish and Bearish waves!

Who says you can’t, you actually CAN!


Who this course is for:

  • Elliott Wave Beginners, New Traders, Day Traders, Swing Traders, Position Traders, Investors, Technical Analysts, Quants, Employees of trading and financial institutions/firms, students of Finance etc.
  • Anyone who wants a lifestyle of “work from anywhere and make money” even with zero knowledge of Financial markets and trading.
  • Investors who want perfect and timely Entries and Exits in any financial market.
  • Hedge Fund managers, Financial Risk managers, Money managers, Business owners, Entrepreneurs etc.
  • Anyone interested in Futures Trading, Financial Trading, Scalp Trading, Day Trading, Bitcoin Trading, Swing Trading, Position Trading etc.

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