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Point & Figure Charting

To Maximize Your Profits

Savvy Traders Know When a Market Is Ripe for a Large Move & Where It Will Stop – Do You?

Learn to Read Point & Figure Charts and Dramatically Improve Your Trading

Over four hours of teaching over 2 sessions

Smart traders know when a market is ready to take off. Just as important, they know how far that move is likely to run. When you get into a trade, do you have a clear idea of where it is likely to go? Do you close trades prematurely or hold them too long because you really don’t know the target? Can you say ahead of time, what your profit objective is? In your studies, do you pay attention to entries and neglect exits? Here is the information to change all that. Imagine how you would feel if you could hold your trades for larger profits and exit them at the right location because you know the trade’s likely target in advance? Well, this is certainly possible.

Point & Figure assessment targets a recent 20-point decline in an American stock. Savvy traders knew not only that the market was ripe for a decline, but that it was a choice opportunity with a sizable target. This tutorial teaches you in detail how to read this and other great opportunities.
Every trader would like to be able to exit their trades at the right location. Once the move has spent its energy, it’s time to take full profits. Few traders know how to do this. They exit too soon or they hold onto the trade thinking there is more to come. Frustrated, they give up large profits.
In their frustration, traders try all kinds of different things to correct their mistakes, but there is only one tool that clearly tells a trade’s target objective: The Point & Figure Chart.

The FX Market traders can use Point & Figure Charts, too. A recent large up move in the Cable (GBPUSD) was projected by the P & F within a handful of pips.
Traders need a dependable way to select the best trading opportunities. They also need a reliable tool that highlights accumulation and distribution and to know with good odds the distance a move is likely to run. They need a tool that:

  • Is trustworthy and reliable
  • Produces better results
  • Is consistent
  • Gets you into choice moves near their beginning and gets you out near the end
  • Improves your ability to identify accumulation and distribution
  • Doesn’t require an indicator, expensive software or fancy calculations
  • Shows you clearly where strong support and resistance lie
  • Works on all time frames and in all freely traded markets
  • Is easily seen and assessed by the trader

Point & Figure Charts are used by swing traders and intraday traders. Here, the P & F Chart captured a recent 30-point intraday move in the S&P e-minis (ES). The P & F Chart highlighted the distribution and gave the target within one point.

Our Unique Offer on Point & Figure Charting

Dr. Gary’s Point & Figure tutorial is unique as he explains in clear terms what you need to see in your chart to reliably assess the direction and extent of the next move of the market. This includes how to use Point & Figure charting to assess support and resistance and accumulation and distribution. Dr. Gary teaches you clearly how to select the best trading opportunities with a strong focus on trade exits. No one else does this.
You aren’t just given a few examples. There is over two hours of detailed review and over 50 slides with numerous charts where we explain in detail all the key elements of Point & Figure Charting, including:

  • How to properly construct Point & Figure Charts so make sure you are using the correct Point & Figure format
  • Horizontal formations of support and resistance
  • Understanding accumulation and distribution and their implications
  • Reading the chart for accumulation and distribution – this alone will keep you from selling into accumulation and buying into distribution—in other words, taking trades at the wrong time
  • Likely areas a market will turn
  • Projecting the probable distance a market should move
  • Understanding stepping stone counts and how to use them for both timing of trade entries and better accuracy of target projections
  • Understanding the unique ‘slab-sided’ formation seen only on a Point & Figure Chart, the important information it conveys and how to use that information to your trading advantage.
  • How to use the Point & Figure Chart to identify key indications such as a market that is on the ‘Springboard’ – i.e., the very specific point where the market is poised to move off the highs or lows rapidly.
  • A complete training on using the Point & Figure Count Guide developed by renowned Wyckoff expert Bob Evans. This alone will provide expert guidance in using the Point & Figure Chart in conjunction with the standard bar chart and keep you on the right side of the market
  • And much more …

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