Download Young Trader Wealth Forex Pro Trader Program

Strong Basics of the Forex Market

  How to Setup your Accounts and Charting Software

  Most Used Websites and Softwares for Traders

  Advanced Technical and Fundamental Analysis

  Actively Trading Data Releases and News

  Using Unweighted Indices for Opportunities

  My Personal Trading Plan and Entry Rules

  Risk Management used in Financial Institutions

  Position Sizing Tools

  How to Hedge and Manage Drawdown

  How to Control Psychology

  Adapting your Trading to your Personal Life

  Keeping a Track Record

  Where the Big Money is and How to get there

  Adding Size to your Profitable Trades

  Backtesting Tools

  Using my Arbitrage Model to Find FX Opportunities

  Personal Excel Sheets & Tools to Download and Use

  Tips and Personal Experience to Grow in Finance

  Direct Assistance throughout your Learning

“This course literally help me become profitable immediately after taking it. A strong recommend from me.”

– Frankie

“I’ve bought 3 online courses in these 2 years and read a lot of books about trading. I can say that is the best course ever made.”

– Gabriele

“I truly feel like it is a life-changing experience to gain the knowledge that this course provides. Hands down best mentor”

– Brad

The advantages of the

forex pro trader program

Never keep your questions unanswered again! Benefit from a direct chat access to the mentor throughout the program to achieve your goals as quickly as possible. Also, join a community of ambitious traders, share with them, ask your questions and build a network that can change your life.

The Forex Pro Trader Program is a step by step process teaching you exactly how to become a profitable and consistent trader starting from zero. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader, the course’s detailed instructions will allow you to reach profitability seamlessly.

The Forex Pro Trader Program is not only a theoretical course. It’s also and MAINLY a practical course, where applying what you learn on live markets is the number one goal.  Every concept and system you will learn is demonstrated on actual real markets. No unnecessary textbook fluff.

After finishing the program and if you feel like it could add value to you, benefit from a unique monthly discount of -35% to the Pro Analysis Service.

This program is not only made of video lessons. You can download powerful tools, systems and cheat-sheets created specifically for this program to get your trading to a professional level.

Exclusive Content that has never been released elsewhere. After hundreds of verified reviews, the Forex Pro Trader Program was awarded 4.8/5  on Trustpilot.

Frequently asked questions

How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

I’m already a trader, will this benefit me?

Yes, advanced traders will learn all the pro techniques that made me a profitable and consistent trader. Things like performance tracking, trade management tweaking, time efficiency and structuring of the trading plan are just some of the details that can totally change an advanced trader’s global performance.

Will it actually work for me, also depending on where I live?

I set this up in a way that can’t fail you. And the cool thing is your profits will end up paying for your initial purchase of this program. Trading the Forex Market is accessible worldwide which allows you to start no matter your location and to travel as life goes along. Trading FX has, for instance, allowed me to move my residency around 3 countries in the last 5 years.

Can we still trade forex profitably in 2021?

Now has never been a better time to start. With unemployment rising day by day and the economy weighing on the currency market. Trading FX allows you to exploit the volatility that the current economic climate gives us.

How much should I start with?

I usually recommend starting with an account of a minimum $1,000 (that’s how I personally started). If you currently have no savings and/or have debt, then it is probably not the best moment to start trading as you will probably be too emotionally attached to the markets. I prefer to be honest.

Do I need a few years experience first?

No, this is exactly why I created this course. Everyone needs to start from somewhere and this program will actually teach you all the skills required to succeed as a professional currency trader. There is no better way to start your journey.

Will I have to pause my work or studies to make some time?

You can start trading seriously on the side of any job or studies. This is what I have personally done as my trading career really kicked off during my University studies in Finance. During the program, we actually cover a lesson called ‘Finding a balance’ where I show you how to work with timeframes to adapt your trading to your current lifestyle.

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