Download The 2021 TraderLion Stock Trading Conference

Time (EST) Topic Presenter
10:15 AM How to capitalize on the High Tight Flag Setup Leif Soreide
11:30 AM Using Traditional Indicators with a Non-Traditional Method + Trading Rules vs Trading Instincts Anthony Crudele
12:45 PM Lunch Lunch
1:30 PM Multiple Timeframe VWAP Analysis for Swing Trading Brian Shannon
2:45 PM Methods and Techniques I’ve learned from 50 Years of Trading Part-time Dr. Eric Wish
4:00 PM Super Growth Stocks, IPOs, and The Lifecycle Trade research Kathy Donnelly
5:15 PM Specific Fundamental and Technical Traits of Super Stocks | How to Find them, Ride them, and Manage them. Pat Walker
6:30 PM Power Earnings Gaps and Trading Around Earnings Reports Ben Bennett
7:45 PM How to Manage Risk and Position Size to Maximize Performance in True Market Leaders Ross Haber

9:00 AM How to Execute and Stay on the Right Side of the Market using the 10/20EMA Oliver Kell
10:15 AM Live Q&A Jim Roppel
11:30 AM How to Invest While Working Full Time Chris Perruna
12:45 PM Lunch Lunch
1:30 PM Lessons From The Last 20 years Irusha Peiris
2:45 PM Aligning Your Strategy to Reach Your Goals + How to use Failed Patterns Matt Caruso
4:00 PM Using Relative Strength to Find Big Winners in the Stock Market Joe Fahmy
5:15 PM What I’ve Learned Being a Self Taught Trader + How I Balance Working Full Time And Trading Jack
6:30 PM Mastering The Pullback Entry Charles Harris

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